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Competency Test - Maria Gabriela León

1. Chat Scenarios. 🤓

Scenario 1.

I’ve been waiting for 3 days for your reply but you seem to be very busy all the time. I’m wondering why I even subscribed to you. It even says on your page you’re very talkative and responding.

My answer would be: “Oh gosh..I’m so sorry (name)🥺. I totally understand how you’re feeling right now. The fact that you reached out makes me think I can fix that. Can I make it up to you? I have a few ideas...”

Why? Normally, this means that the person is showing interest for “the last time”, even when they’re complaining. Assuring that we’re on the same page will let them know that we’re not going anywhere and looking to chat.

Scenario 2.

I feel like I’ve spent too much money on you. Money’s a bit tight right now and the rest of the month I won’t be able to spend anything on you.

My answer would be: “Don’t worry honey, you’ve been so supportive! I appreciate your honesty. That’s why next time we talk I may or may not have a little surprise for you, and just you...don’t get lost, okay?”

Why? The most important part is letting them know that we understand what they’re saying and we are grateful for their support. Additionally, the last part of the text is to grow their curiosity. Make them ask what that surprise can be, is it personalized content? Discounts? Of course, there should be a procedure for this kind of case to maintain customers who can be unsure and prepare what kind of content can be available for them.

Scenario 3.

Hi! I found you on TikTok and I think you’re really beautiful! I'm from Mexico and I also like Star Wars a lot! :D

My answer would be: “Hey baby! How sweet. I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico. I could use someone who shows me around.. Which one is your favorite character btw? Mine’s ***** .”

Why? This is the starting point where you have to build rapport and start a conversation with the customer to ensure their engagement. In that way, after you shift to a more sensual tone it won't look forced.

Scenario 4.

I feel like you’re exploiting me. Do you only like me because I give you money?

My answer would be: “Sorry babe, I didn't know you felt that way :( For me it's been so exciting to know you and make you have a great time. Have I done something wrong?”

Why? In this case, I wanted to focus the attention to how the creator feels about chatting with him without sounding very personal. Ending the text with that question makes space for him to potentionally deny and express how he has felt.

Scenario 5.

Hey my love! Sorry for being so distant lately. Been working on this project since last year and it’s finally coming to a close!

My answer would be: “What!! Babe, that's great! I'm so happy for you. Tell me more! Actually, it's good that you messaged me. Let me know when you're free, there are some things I'm experimenting that I'd love to know your opinion about...”

Why? At first, asking about their project shows empathy and strengthens the connection with the customer, but you never lose track of your goal, which is securing a sell. After the customer discloses what they've been on (if he feels comfortable doing it), I'd let them know that “I” am also doing new things.

2. Operational Challenge 1: Persuading Low Interest Subscribers.

What sale tactics would I employ to build rapport with the subscribers to get them to buy content in the future?

It can be because although the creator has posted content, there's no opportunity for them to feel that the creator is giving a personalized approach when talking to them. You have to show interest in the things that they tell you, what they like and what they don't, and gently guide them to purchase the PPV content.
a. It's good to bring something about their first interaction with the account/the creator to the table and what made them interested in knowing more about you in the first place. If it's possible to see what post they liked first, their first comment, or ask them how they found out about your page, certain things can lead to knowing more about the customer and their preferences. That's how you know the kind of content that they like and if it aligns with what the creator does. ​b. Having a moment to chat about anything about their day and "yours". Something as innocent as this can make the customer feel more confident to express himself more and know that he's not talking to a robot. Just like any kind of conversation that starts before sexting. ​c. Tease the customer about any PPV content based on what you know that they like. Now that you've shifted the route of the conversation and know a bit more about his preferences, if there's any chance to show a sneak peek about exclusive content, it can be done here. In my opinion, you will find out if the customer is really interested or not with the content. Would be great if (for cases like this) there was a first-time discount or offer to make things even more interestiing for them.

3. Operational Challenge 2: Managing Subscriber Complaints.

What would be my plan as a response to these complaints?

It's not necessary, but thanks to these moments people can learn from their mistakes and improve the way they reach out to their audiences. The changes would be applied to everyone to prevent this situation from happening again, however, it's best to reach out personally to the customers who are voicing the complaint, depending on the amount of people. ​a. Acknowledge the miscommunication and genuinely apologize for it. It changes the energy of the customer and shows your honesty in making it up for them because you're interested in offering them a good time to, ultimately, do your job.
b. Meanwhile, there needs to be a root of the problem. There are many reasons why this can happen. Is it clickbait? What were you offering that didn't meet the expectations of the customer? There should be a direct channel of communication so the chatter and the creator can be on the same page and self-aware of the content that they have and the way that they're advertising it. Communication is key, and misunderstandings can be in the way when it's not fully discussed the vision the creator has and if it aligns with the chatter's perspective.
c. Have the customers join in the process of changing the way without losing the creator's branding. To improve engagement in general, you can post some updates related to the changes the creator is making, and even create a space where they can participate in what would be interesting to see from their perspective. A quick automated message can work too, to feel it more personal, and have them be more talkative.
d. Make the customers who complained feel remembered, and follow up with them. Reach out, tell them what you've been doing that day, and let them know that you always think of what to do to make them feel better, instead of that last time where he ended up disappointed. Not only it won't happen again, it won't because of him😉

4. Operational Challenge 3: Increasing Engagement in a Low-Activity Account.

What plan would help the creator to reinvigorate subscriber engagement for their account?

What are your tools to have the quality content of the creator to reach the right customer? Or in that case, convert any customer to the right customer?
a. Onlyfans Analytics. Review the last couple of months/weeks and see what happened from the beginning to where the account is today. Has the content changed? Has the creator ever used interactive dynamics for their subscribers? Have the chatters in charge made a change when interacting with the customers? Personally, when I share my shift with someone or I'm first knowing the environment I'll be working in, I like to check old conversations and figure out what made the customers change their minds. Either way, your job is to improve in all your responsibilities but focus more on what causes more damage to the connection between the creator and the customers.
b. Generally, what would work best? Before going more specific, you can start checking the frequency of posts, and see if there's a part to improve in the way content is shared with the audience. For example, if the time of the post aligns with the time subscribers interact more with the account, if the preview is appealing, and most importantly, if the creator has been missing out on any new trends that other creators from the community have joined to maintain their relevancy. It can be high-quality content, but the ways to promote it through other social media platforms can change.
c. The opinion of customers matters. Maybe there is a wall that you can't see but customers can feel and think they're being ignored, or, that their preferences have been ignored, so they decide to go somewhere else where they can feel they're interacting with a different creator. Mark a day of the week when the subscribers can submit the ideas they can have for future content, choose Saturday in the afternoon for the creator to release an exclusive Q&A video where she answers questions provided by her most supportive subscribers. Give them reasons why they should pay for more content and they will listen.
Additionally, create a list of the subscribers that were unresponsive and never bought. Follow up with them personally, and share with them a limited offer of a discount or a more personalized interaction, and see if they can be interested.
d. What strategies would I implement to increase engagement?
As soon as someone subscribes to the account, they would receive an automated message with an exclusive offer they can't say no to. Only for them and for a limited time.
A reason to boost your numbers. For example, stating that if a subscriber likes all the posts or comments on certain things under the posts, they will get something special in their inbox.
Collaborations. It's beneficial for content creators to build this connection on their platforms, so their communities can get to know the people involved and dive into their accounts. Something out of curiosity can end up in getting loyal subscribers.
e. The importance of a healthy dynamic with the content creator. Everything I've mentioned not only takes place in the main responsibilities of this role. The creator should be allowed to express what she feels more comfortable doing, and what she would be comfortable with in the future. Bringing all those factors together can make innovation a reality and success closer.
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