Portfolio Plus Contract

The following is a contract note/service level agreement between you Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wasay , the Client and GooCampus Edu Solutions Private Limited, henceforth referred to as the Company.
In case you have queries about anything mentioned in this document, please reach out to the GooCampus representative who sent it to you. By joining this program, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and have agreed to this document.
This agreement supersedes any previous communication, such as brochure designs, email correspondence or telephonic conversations void. Please refer to this singular document for all future enquiries.
The terms and conditions, including the list of services listed are only applicable if the contract is agreed upon and signed by 10-11-2023.

We need your active participation

As part of this program, and with the help of our team, we’ll get you access and opportunities to build a strong portfolio, however, at the same time, we’ll need you to put in your best efforts to complete these activities on time.
Throughout this program, you will need to be active and participate/contribute to these activities in order to get the necessary completion certification.

Fees shall be paid only one time

All the fees mentioned below shall be borne by the Company for the first time only, and any repeats, additions or modifications shall be borne by the client on actuals.

Phase-wise access

All subscriptions and material will be provided to you in a phased manner, so as not to overwhelm you with excessive learning material. You will have ample time to complete all the subscriptions we provide. Subscription renewal charges should be borne by you, in case they expire.

We are not affiliated to any official body

GooCampus is not affiliated with any official body like the IELTS, OET, GMC or the NHS. We cannot predict their responses or their decisions. Matters related to acceptance of your application or application scoring points must be directed to relevant official authorities.

Expenses not covered by this agreement

GooCampus will only cover the expenses for services listed below, the expenses for any additional activities must be borne by the Client.

Paper publication in indexed journals

Our team will work closely with you to help you write & publish an original research study, however, publication is a subject matter of the respective journal.
For example, if you’re seeking to get your paper published in PubMed, then PubMed holds all the rights to either approve or reject your paper, with or without giving a reason.

Involvement of third parties for service delivery

To complete all the activities listed below, the Company relies on third parties, and their actions/decisions are beyond the Company’s control.
For example, to complete an Audit & QI project, you’ll need to rely on your place of work, and their rules & guidelines. The Company does not take responsibility for any actions taken by third parties that might interrupt or jeopardise your activities.

Refund policy

GooCampus is not liable if there is any delay due to the change in rules, laws, regulations or unforeseen natural disasters in India or outside India.
GooCampus is not liable if there are any technical or server related issues that may cause delay in the process.
Prices for services may change at any time, and without prior notice. We do not provide any price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering. However, in case the price of the service increases after signing of the contract by both parties, the client is not liable to pay the difference amount.
If the client does not respond or purposefully delays the delivery of services then the client is not eligible for a refund.
If you are not satisfied with our services, you can request for a refund within 7 days of joining the program. The refund will be processed after deduction of consulting fee, administration and operations fee and the cost for any services already rendered.
After 7 days, there will be no refund.
Detailed list of services
Onboarding session
A cohort-based onboarding session where we go over the full list of services and the approximate timeline for each of them.
Physician mentorship
Access to personalized physician mentorship.
Opportunity for oral or e-poster presentation at a national or international conference. Your abstract submission needs to be accepted by the conference for you to avail this opportunity.
Conference attendance
Access to 1 x national or international conference, either virtual or in-person. If it’s an in-person conference, then the Company will only be liable to pay the ticket fee, any additional expenses shall be borne by the Client. If your abstract submission is not accepted for either an oral or e-poster presentation, then you get access to an additional attendance at a national or international conference.
Research education course
Access to 2 months of online learning that prepares you for the research paper process. Access to a 3-5 month certification course. Hands-on research experience.
Research paper publication
Opportunity to get your research paper published in PubMed/Scopus/Google scholar. Your research paper needs to be accepted by the respective body for you to avail this opportunity.
Commitment to specialty courses
Up to 2 courses from a curated list of courses. The courses will be selected and provided by the Company, based on your target specialty.
CPD accredited activities
Access to regular CPD accredited events, for up to 18 CPD points. These events will be selected and provided by the Company, based on your target specialty.
Audit & QI methodology course
Access to a course that includes personalized mentorship. Includes opportunity for paper publication.
ALS course
Access to a 2-day face-to-face ALS course conducted by UK certified trainers We will cover the admission fee for this course, any additional expenses should be borne by the Client
Teaching methodology course
Training in teaching methods lasting no more than 2 days. This course will be delivered virtually.
Teaching sessions
Opportunity to host or co-host up to 3-4 teaching sessions spread across at least 4 months Our team will work to provide you with a curated audience of medical students, doctors or healthcare staff.
Portfolio evaluation by specialist
Access to up to 3-hours of personalized portfolio evaluation by a UK specialist who will assess your current self-assessed scoring status. During this session, you’ll get a better understanding of how many application scoring points can be safely claimed by you during the application stage. This session will also prepare you for portfolio-specific questions that can be asked during the interview stage. Also includes support for application writing for training jobs.
Communication skills training
Access to a training program that will teach you important doctor-patient interaction & management skills.
Standard templates
Access to a repository of standard templates that are used throughout the portfolio building process. You can use these templates as a framework and customize it to match your requirements.
Personalized portfolio binder
Our team will create a personalized portfolio binder in close collaboration with you, and include every single portfolio building activity you’ve completed in it. This portfolio binder can be used during the interview stage to highlight your achievements.
CV writing & LinkedIn profile
Our team will craft the perfect CV for you, based entirely on UK recruiter requirements. A LinkedIn profile is essential for your success in this pathway, so if you don’t already have a solid profile, we’ll build one for you.
There are no rows in this table

Important notes

Some of the activities listed above are time-specific, for example, the ALS course takes place during fixed days, so we’ll adjust your schedule accordingly.
During the onboarding session, we’ll provide you with a timetable for service delivery.
We do not take responsibility for decisions outside our control, including, but not limited to, selection for oral or e-poster presentation, selection for paper publication, passing of the ALS course etc.
We work closely with all our partners to ensure all services are delivered within a stipulated timeline, however, we don’t take responsibility for any damages you might incur for delay in service delivery, including, but not limited to, visa expenses, ticket expenses, accommodation expenses etc.

Additional notes (to be filled by the Counsellor only)

A discount of Rs.10,000/- is applicable as per the Finance team. Changes in installments are as follows :
Installment 1 : Rs.2,90,000/- + GST (To be paid to kickstart the registration)

Installment 2 : Rs.2,00,000/- + GST (To be Paid before 29th Feb 2024)

Grievance redressal

Our operations team will constantly be in touch with you and ensure timely service delivery and activation of online subscriptions.
You can always share your feedback regarding our services during any of these interactions with our operations team.
We are committed to delivering our services to the satisfaction of all our customers.
However, if you’re not satisfied with any of our services, you can reach out to our customer success team at (Santosh Shekhar) or (Maheen Ejaz)
In your email, please be as specific as possible and list down your grievances so it can be addressed accordingly
All legal disputes pertaining to this contract/agreement shall fall within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Karnataka only.
Costing & installments
Instalment - 1
Payable upon registration to kickstart the services
Instalment- 2
Payable within 90 days of starting date
There are no rows in this table
Payment methods
Name of the bank
State Bank of India
Beneficiary name
GooCampus Edu Solutions Private Limited
Account number
RMV Extension, Sadashivanagar
Type of account
There are no rows in this table

Contract validity

The terms of this contract are valid until all the services mentioned above are fulfilled or you, the Client, decide to back out from this agreement.
We agree to all the above mentioned terms and conditions of this contract note/service level agreement. There will be no change in above mentioned points.
The terms and conditions, including the list of services listed are only applicable if the contract is agreed upon and signed by 10-11-2023.
I, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wasay have read and understood the terms and conditions of this document, including the payment structure and the refund policy.

Signature of the client
Dr. Ahmed Abdul Wasay
Signature of the parent
Mr. Ahmed Abdul Wasay
Authorized signatory (Company)
GooCampus Edu Solutions

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