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Ideation — the process of generating new ideas and concepts during a brainstorming session.
Collaboration — working together as a team to collectively generate ideas and solutions.
Creativity — the ability to think innovatively and come up with unique ideas during a brainstorming session.
Divergent thinking — a type of thinking that encourages exploring multiple possibilities and generating a wide range of ideas.
Convergent thinking — a type of thinking that involves narrowing down and selecting the most promising ideas from a pool of generated ideas.
Mind mapping — a visual technique used in brainstorming to organize ideas and concepts in a hierarchical or associative manner.
Free-flowing — allowing ideas to flow freely without judgment or criticism during a brainstorming session.
Innovation — the process of introducing new ideas, methods, or technologies to improve existing processes or create something new.
Solution-oriented — focusing on generating ideas that address a specific problem or challenge in IT, and seeking practical solutions.
Evaluation — assessing the potential of generated ideas based on their feasibility, impact, and alignment with the goals of the IT
Facilitator — the person who guides and moderates the brainstorming session to ensure all participants have an equal opportunity to contribute their ideas.
Synergy — the combined effort and creativity of a team during brainstorming, which often results in more innovative and effective ideas than individual efforts.
Implementation — the process of putting selected ideas into action and incorporating them into the IT project or solution.

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