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Short sentences tend to generate the best results.
“They should have experience with machine learning.”
“They must have worked at a startup.”
“They should have experience building high-fidelity prototypes.”

Questions should be written in the style of:
a pirate

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Screener Questions
Screener Questions
Product Managers: They must have worked at a startup. Written in the style of an experienced user researcher
1. What is your current job title? 2. How long have you been in a product management role? 3. Describe a product management project you have worked on that had a successful outcome. 4. What challenges have you faced in product management and how did you address them? 5. Describe the process you use to develop product roadmaps. 6. What techniques do you use to manage product backlogs? 7. How do you ensure that product requirements are met? 8. What experience do you have working in a startup environment? 9. How do you stay informed of new trends and technologies in product management? 10. What is your approach to working with stakeholders and other teams?
Product Managers: They must have worked at a startup. Written in the style of a pirate
1. How many times have ye sailed with a startup as a Product Manager? 2. What be the largest project ye managed as a Product Manager? 3. What strategies did ye use to prioritize product development? 4. How did ye collaborate with stakeholders to ensure successful product launches? 5. What be the biggest challenge ye faced as a Product Manager? 6. How did ye ensure product quality and customer satisfaction? 7. How did ye use data and analytics to inform product decisions? 8. What strategies did ye use to drive product adoption? 9. How did ye manage competing demands from stakeholders? 10. How did ye measure and report on product success?
Product Managers: They must have worked at a startup. Questions in the style of William Shakespeare
1. What experience hast thou had in managing a product at a startup? 2. How oft hast thou worked with a team to launch a product? 3. What strategies hast thou implemented to ensure successful product launches? 4. What approaches dost thou take to ensure customer satisfaction? 5. How hast thou managed product development cycles? 6. What techniques hast thou used to identify and prioritize customer needs? 7. How hast thou dealt with product issues and risks? 8. How hast thou adapted to changing customer requirements? 9. What processes hast thou implemented to measure product performance? 10. How hast thou stayed abreast of emerging trends in the product management field?
Product Managers: They must have worked at a startup. Written in the style of Yoda
1. Years of experience in Product Management, have you? 2. New products, have you developed? 3. In a startup environment, have you worked? 4. Ideas to improve products, have you suggested? 5. Deadlines, have you met? 6. Teams, have you managed? 7. Experiments, have you conducted? 8. Designing user interfaces, have you done? 9. Feedback from customers, have you collected? 10. Agile processes, have you implemented?
Product Managers: They must have worked at a startup. Written in the style of someone who only speak in haikus
1. Have you ever Worked at a startup? Yes or no, please state. 2. Have you managed Products from beginning to end? A clear yes or no. 3. Can you explain How you handled product launch? Your experience, please. 4. Could you describe How you made product decisions? Share your process, please. 5. How did you ensure Product met customer needs? A clear answer, please. 6. How did you measure Product success and failure? Share your metrics, please. 7. How did you manage Product teams and stakeholders? Your approach, please. 8. How did you handle Product changes and updates? Explain your process. 9. Could you discuss How you identified risks? Your strategy, please. 10. How did you ensure Product quality and reliability? Describe your process.
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