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Team exercise: cathedral calibration

Ensure your team is building towards a shared vision.
Working through this doc with your team will prompt deep thinking on shared vision and values. When you’re ready to run the exercise, copy this doc, clear sample data, and delete these instructions.
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Clear sample data
Let me share a story with you. Imagine approaching a group of three people hard at work. You ask the first person, "What's your job here?" They reply, "Moving bricks from here to there." You ask the second person the same question, and they answer, "Spreading cement on top of the bricks." Finally, you pose the question to the third person, and they respond with a smile, "We're building a cathedral."
Outstanding product teams create a clear vision that inspires everyone on the team. This vision helps each individual understand how their work contributes to something bigger and more ambitious than their individual tasks.
If you're uncertain whether your team shares the same vision, a quick calibration exercise can help. Ask your team two simple questions: "What change is our team driving in the world?" and "What is your role in creating that change?" Have everyone write down their answers without sharing them. Then, reveal the answers and discuss as a group.
This typically leads to an insightful discussion about what the team is building toward. And you’ll probably figure out very quickly if the team feels like they’re just moving bricks.

Team exercise: calibrate your cathedral

Step 1: Write individually. Spend about 5 minutes answering the two prompts.
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Step 2: Check the box when you’re done. Let others know you’ve finished writing.
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Step 3: Discuss as a team. After everyone is ready to discuss, flip the switch below to show all the answers. Spend 20+ mins reading, reacting, and discussing as a group.
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All Responses
What change is our team driving in the world?
What is your role in creating that change?
I'm aligned
I have questions
Polly Rose
Our mission is to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable living.
Coordinate outreach on the importance of reducing plastic consumption.
James Booth
Our goal is to promote sustainable living and reduce plastic waste.
I educate people about the crucial need to reduce plastic usage.
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