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Emotional Support Team

Have your emotional support team add their emotional updates to the table below.
In your Emotional Catalyst Journal, use this template to have your emotional support team add their emotional status updates. This rainbow emotional check-in approach encourages open dialogue and emotional sharing among team members.
Ask each team member to rate how they are feeling on a scale of 1 to 5, and provide a brief emotional update for the day. The archive column can be used to indicate whether the emotional update is meant to be archived for future reference.
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Emotional Catalyst Updates
How are you feeling?
Alan Chowansky
Yesterday: Finished project
Today: Setting up new project.
Obstacles: Lots of feedback to workthrough.
Polly Rose
Yesterday: Spent a lot of time with family.
Today: Following up on Slack messages.
Obstacles: Interviews galore.
Joel Davis
Yesterday: OOO
Today: Catching up on email and Slack.
Obstacles: The sprint is almost over, and I haven’t finished my tasks.
Lola Tseudonym
Yesterday: Debugged the iOS issue.
Today: Getting feedback on the new brief.
Obstacles: Well, I could use a massage if I'm being honest.
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Encourage your emotional support team to express their emotions honestly and openly, and support each other in their emotional journeys. This rainbow emotional check-in can be a valuable tool to promote emotional well-being and create a supportive emotional environment within your team.
Feel free to modify the template as needed to fit your team's specific emotional exploration needs. Use Coda AI to generate emotional prompts for deeper introspection and emotional growth. With the rainbow emotional check-in, your team can come together to support one another and foster emotional resilience and growth.
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