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Learnings Since Launch


There were three major pivots that were taken since over the past 2 months. Our three focuses during each pivot were creating writing through...
Communities together meeting and writing weekly (e.g. writer will come from those interested in participating in clubs)
Ad hoc creation by debate students (e.g. debate students will be self-motivated to contribute in order to get volunteer hours, build their resume, and help the mission)
In-house content with GPT assisted writing (e.g. The Logipedia writes the articles using the help of ChatGPT)

Results of first two experiments/pivots

Community Focus (8.3%): 3 of 36 club attendees invited to club wrote something (16%), 2 write regularly (11%)
Debater Focus (2.3%): 2.3% or 3 of 127 debaters talked to wrote something
Current Regulars (1%): 1% of 212-person email list write regularly (2 people that are not me)
Results: Averages 2 entries weekly out of 7 needed from writers
On Wikipedia 0.04% of monthly readership also edit in a given month
Thus we have good stats as compared to Wikipedia, but it doesn’t do us much good unless we have more people in the top of the funnel. Since we do not enough writing to get started, we need a different solution.
Colorado School of Mines Logipedia Club Meeting
Schools where speech and debate tournament was held

GPT Writing Experiment

Using GPT to help assist in parsing quotes from articles and relating them to pros/cons
Reduced Article Cost from 14hrs to 9hrs
Allows for 7 entries a week and thus a full article
Goal is to in-house early articles in order to have content to get more readers and take advantage of those interested in writing out there on the internet
Screenshots of writing tool


The ChatGPT experiment successfully showed that one person can make an article a week just by themselves. See the graph below to see the change that created in entries ready to publish per week (one entry is one pro,con, or context section to an article. We need 7 to make an article so we have at least 3 pros and cons). This means we can start focusing on marketing the articles we create each week.
Note: Week 15 starts on April 12, 2023. Week 14 has has 6 entries because 4 were written in week 11, 12, and 13 and only finished being reviewed on Week 14. Everything in Week 15 was written and reviewed during Week 15.

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