How to improve car sharing customer experience with journey mapping

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Most people have at least once caught themselves thinking: “Wow, this service works smoothly, seems to be perfectly organized”. But not many people realize that the easier things seem to be, the more well-thought-out they are.
Car sharing service is all the rage these days. And since clients have a long list of offers to choose from, they become extremely picky, and that makes service owners bend over backwards to deliver an outstanding experience to their clients, which is a competitive advantage.
Let’s say, you wake up one day being completely sure that your car sharing service is not making the most out of it and you want to improve something, but don’t even know where to begin.
Start with customer journey mapping as it will help you explore each stage of your clients’ journey with a “magnifying glass”, identify problems with your service and customer experience, and come up with ideas on how to solve them, which you can turn into an action plan.
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So, what to do to create a customer journey map (CJM) for your car sharing service? Follow the steps below:
1. Research
Well, you should definitely start with researching who your actual clients are. Are they students moving out from parent’s house or a couple of pensioners heading for yoga? You will never know, until you collect all required data via interviews, analytics and other sources, otherwise all next steps will be in vain.
2. Identify personas
The data you gathered will help you create personas presenting your customers. Remember: one persona can’t represent the whole clientele, only a part of it. When working on persona, be sure to write down their pains, goals, and other useful stuff as you will need this information for your CJM.
3. Break journeys into stages
Now your personas are all set for building customer journey maps based on them!
Break each persona’s journey into stages. The stages will fully depend on your mapping goals. For example, if you know that your clients experience problems when choosing a vehicle, focus on these journey stages.
4. Map out the journey
Use stickers and a whiteboard, some offline software like PowerPoint, or professional journey mapping tools to build a CJM for your car sharing service. How to do it? Read the guide on the and get inspired by a template you’ll see inside it.
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