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What is patient journey mapping?

Let’s first find out why the patient journey mapping appeared. Since the world has undergone an immense jump in digital development, the sphere of healthcare couldn’t stand aside. This is how e-health and connected data came to the arena. And at the same time, the general growth of the population in the world and other social factors led to the emergence of more illnesses and hence more people involved in medical treatment.

The combinations of all these factors caused the need for a better understanding of what the patient is going through, their hopes, fears, and expectations of the consultation they are having.
Currently, there is happening a transition in a patient’s mind from being a patient to being a customer. So, they start to perceive the healthcare system as a service, meanwhile its providers —doctors and stakeholders— still don’t. Another fundamental change going on right now is the shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare. It means putting the patient above everything else because it’s all about human life, which is the most valuable thing in the world.
All that can be reflected on the journey map.
Journey in healthcare is not only patient-doctor interaction, but it can involve many other sides like insurance companies and various workers of hospitals and centers.
Multiple other factors influence the overall impression and experience of the patient. Apart from such obvious journeys as functional and clinical, the one, which should be taken into account in the first place, is the emotional one. Because if the patient doesn’t feel that their comfort really matters to the clinic, the rest just fades in the background.
If you want to learn more on how to actually map out a patient’s journey, improve it and apply it to your business, check out the written with the assistance of Anneke Riik. Anneke has worked for 13 years at the company which is a manufacturer of medical nutrition products, devices, and services, also she is a marketer researcher and consumer insights professional.

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