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Product Documentation - Liyana Kartina
Product Discovery #1

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Identify Target Audience

Rakamin Hiring Platform Target Audience
Total addressable audience
The total addressable audience represents the entire pool of potential users and customers who could benefit from your hiring platform. It includes all businesses, HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates across various industries and sizes.
Defining the TAA helps you understand the scope of the market and the maximum potential reach of your platform. While the TAA is expansive, not all members of this audience may be your primary targets. It serves as the starting point for audience segmentation.
Narrowed audience
The narrowed audience is a subset of the total addressable audience that shares specific characteristics, needs, or preferences relevant to your platform. This could include businesses of certain sizes, industries, or geographic locations that are more likely to find your solution highly beneficial.
Narrowing down the audience allows you to focus your marketing and development efforts on groups that are most likely to become loyal users. It helps allocate resources efficiently and tailor your platform to meet the distinct requirements of this subset.
Targeted audience
The targeted audience is the specific group within the narrowed audience that you aim to reach with your initial marketing and outreach efforts. It could include, for example, medium-sized businesses in the technology sector located in a particular region.
Targeting a specific audience enables precise messaging and customization of your platform to meet their needs. It increases the likelihood of successfully acquiring early adopters and building a user base.
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