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Product Documentation - Liyana Kartina
Product Discovery #1

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Identify Problem Space

Problem spaceWhat's the problem that your target audience face when they want to accomplish their job?
Problem Space
User outcome What is the end benefit your target audience want?
The end benefit that your target audience desires is the ability to streamline and optimize their talent acquisition processes, ultimately leading to improved efficiency.
User motivation ​Why would the user want to achieve the end benefit?
Users are motivated to achieve the end benefit of improved talent acquisition efficiency, primarily driven by the desire to gain a competitive advantage in the job market and within their respective industries.
Status quo ​What solutions do people use now? What’s their current workflow?
The current workflow and solutions used by many businesses and HR professionals primarily rely on traditional recruitment methods. This includes manual processes, job postings on various platforms, manual candidate screening, and in-person interviews.
Gaps with the current solution ​What frustrations do users have with the status quo?
Users often express frustrations with the current recruitment methods due to the inefficiencies in the hiring process. This value encapsulates the specific pain points and gaps in the status quo that users want to address.
Problem space
The problem space centers around the challenge of bridging the gap between job seekers (talent) and organizations with job opportunities (employers). It represents the overarching issue that your hiring platform aims to address.
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