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Trainee Details

Form - Trainee Details

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Company Name
Please provide your company name for our reference
Trainee Name
Please provide the trainees full name for our records
Trainee Email Address
Certificates will be emailed to the company and the trainee
Trainee Mobile Number
In case we need to get in touch with the trainee on the training day
What is the Trainee's role in your company?
Multiple selections possible
If you have selected 'Inspector' what are their qualifications?
If you selected 'Other' what is their qualification?
Which 'Train the Painter' qualification does the trainee have?
Which airless spray unit experience does the trainee have?
How many years of experience does the trainee have with Intumescent Coatings?
Does the trainee have any thin-film Intumescent Coatings experience?
Please name all Intumescent Coatings the trainee has worked with
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