Product development is hard. Building something people want requires lots of data about what works and what doesn't.
IdeaPlan helps startups gather feedback faster than ever before.
IdeaPlan makes it easy to ask questions, collect answers and then turn them into actionable insights.
Gather rapid customer feedback and launch amazing products. Build features your customers love by surfacing valuable ideas.
Best For: Growth hackers and product managers who want to gather feedback from users quickly and launch great products
Idea Dashboard: Manage ideas, change statuses, prioritize, comment, search and filter.
Customer Roadmap: Customer-facing roadmap showcasing high-level statuses.
Internal Roadmap: Manage a detailed roadmap that organizes customer feedback for your internal development team.
Users & Comments: Users join feedback boards to submit new ideas, vote, and comment.
Integrations: Leverage the IdeaPlan API or pre-built integrations.
Create idea feedback boards: Create unlimited idea feedback boards. Collect user feedback. Idea feedback boards can be, 'feature requests', ' bugs', 'design', or 'UX'.
Share your idea feedback boards: Customize your idea feedback boards with your logo, colours, and content. Share your boards with users.
Product managers organize ideas and feedback: Your team can organize and prioritize all ideas. Communicate with users and keep everyone up to date.
Share and promote your roadmap: Promote the roadmap to all users - both internally and externally.
Integrate and connect apps: Connect your favourite apps to IdeaPlan.
IdeaPlan helps you build useful product features based on what your users want. You can use IdeaPlan to quickly surface ideas and collect feedback from your users, or use it as a tool to validate new product concepts before building them.
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