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How to Build a User-Centric Product

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Assignment 3: Your User Research Material

Submit by 9AM PDT (or later if you decide to conduct user research after prototype development)

Description and Requirements

Submit script or survey
3-5 insights from your research

Note: You can work alone, with someone you find here or with a friend you’re taking the course with!
Assignment 3 Submissions
Amiya, Iva, Adam
App that lets grocery shoppers find food products that fit their ideal diet and optionally connects them with a live dietician.
When we asked people if they avoid certain ingredients, have food restrictions or preferences, 21-36% of our participants answered yes, but 62% (almost double) said they’re looking to curate a healthier diet. 35% say they have dietary preferences and 21% say they have difficulty finding foods they prefer. This tells us that a good amount of people with dietary preferences struggle with finding foods (would need to elaborate on further research to dig into this and validate further). The data from the first question: “How do you buy food” validates our assumption that most people buy food at a grocery store or a restaurant since 64% of our participants shop at grocery stores and 71% of our participants buy food from restaurants.
Anjali Akula
Balance - a community for people caught up in hustle culture
Lily Ofori-Amanfo
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