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How to Build a User-Centric Product

Assignment 2: What are your JTBD?

Submit by 4PM PDT
Description and Requirements
Write out a JTBD statement for the users who experience the problem you are trying to solve.
If you want, list out some competitors to your product that also fulfill that JTBD.
At a minimum, write one main JTBD, but feel free to also include a secondary JTBD that ties into how your product is differentiated from your competitors.

Assignment 2 Submissions
Iva, Amiya, Adam
Food ingredient filtering tool
When I’m choosing what to eat, I want to avoid certain ingredients, so I can eat healthier.
How might we help people avoid certain ingredients and eat healthy?
Grace Lu
Mindfulness Based Fitness App
When I am running or working out, I want to focus on self progress, self reflection & gratitude so I can improve on my own terms rather than always comparing myself to others.
Lily Ofori-Amanfo
Career Development Guide for University Students
When pursuing professional and career development in university, I want to have a structured guide that will make me work ready for my preferred industry by graduation.
How might we create an additional resource to help recruiters see an inner self of a candidate to help them find the right balance between personality and job-specific skills?
When I am being considered for a potential position, I want the recruiter to also evaluate my personality, intrinsic values and motivation so that I feel fully understood. When I am assessing candidates for a potential position, I want to dive deep into the personality and social perspectives so that I can understand whether they would be a great cultural fit. When trying to interview for a potential position, recruiters struggle to find the right balance between personality and job-specific skills and often are naturally inclined and relied upon technical skills to make the final decision.

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