Experienced Divorce, Child Custody & Family Law Attorneys

If you're going through a divorce, you should know that you'll have to make many crucial and tough decisions that will affect you and your family. The Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd. is a family law firm in Arlington Heights with over 45 years of expertise. We can assist you in making legal decisions related to your divorce and ensuring that your interests are protected throughout the process. Other crucial divorce-related issues, including parenting time, custody, and visitation, can be handled by our attorneys to help you preserve great ties with your children. In addition, we represent clients in high-asset divorces, spousal maintenance and alimony, property distribution, and restraining order disputes.
Family Law Attorneys Arlington Height
Complex challenges often arise in family law disputes, affecting relationships between spouses, children, and other family members. We provide the caring, sympathetic legal assistance you need in these situations at the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd. We have more than 45 years of expertise as highly trained , representing clients throughout the greater Chicago and northwest suburban areas. In various family law cases, we operate as a powerful legal advocate to defend your rights and protect you.
Compassionate, professional legal representation in family laws Arlington height
You want the certainty of having a skilled Arlington height family law attorney on your side while dealing with legal concerns that affect your family and financial stability. We provide competent legal assistance and compassionate client care at the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd. during what is certainly a stressful time.
Our Arlington Heights family law lawyers help clients resolve legal matters all around the city. In the following areas, we can advise and protect you.
Contested and uncontested divorce proceedings;
Child custody and parental responsibilities
Spousal maintenance and alimony;
Enforcement and modifications of existing court orders;
Division of marital property;
Child custody and parenting obligations;
Paternity and parental rights concerns;
Name changes and other court administrative issues;
Protective Orders and situations flaunting domestic ;
Premarital and Post marital arrangements;
Arlington Heights family law attorneys guarantee expertise in legal battles.
Our knowledge and ability in implementing Arlington Height family law guarantee that your legal matters are handled most effectively and practically possible at the Delaney Heckman.
We have formed excellent professional ties with people in the legal industry, including attorneys, court officials, and judges, due to our decades of experience in taking matters to trial and our reputation within the legal community. The following are some of the actions we take on your behalf:
Notifying the parties concerned in your case and filing the relevant legal paperwork;
Requesting hearings and appearing in court to represent your interests;
In discussions with other attorneys, negotiating on your behalf;
collecting expert testimony and gathering proof on your behalf
presenting legal arguments as needed to secure court orders and other measures;
Requesting hearings on the enforcement of the law or any required adjustments.
Parental Responsibilities & Child Custody Lawyers Arlington Heights
In most divorce proceedings, the decision of which parent has custody of a couple's children is based on the child's physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Turn to an experienced attorney in Arlington Heights at if you are dealing with child custody concerns.
Our firm takes pleasure in providing clients with specialised child custody representation based on our 45 years of experience in the field of family law. Whether you need aid with joint custody, single custody, legal custody, or visitation rights, Child Custody Lawyers Arlington Heights
can assist you.
What is the best choice for your child?
As Child Custody Attorneys Arlington Heights, our primary priority is finding a solution in your child's best interests. If you are one of our clients, we will help you locate the best arrangement for your child's custody. In this case, the court may take into account a variety of considerations, including:
Your wishes and your spouse's wishes
The child's desires
The child's interactions and interactions with you, your spouse, siblings, and other family members
The adjustment of the youngster to his new home, school, and community
All family members' mental and physical well-being
The risk of physical violence from the child's potential guardian
The child or someone else in the household is being abused regularly.
Your want to help and encourage the other parent and your child to maintain their relationship
Be Aware of your legal options.
You have some legal rights as a parent in choosing which judge will decide your child custody case. Child Custody Lawyers Arlington Heights can advise you on how that right can affect your concerns in a variety of child custody matters because of experience in local courts, including:
· Joint Custody
· Paternity tests are performed to determine the father's identity.
· Children are relocated to another state or location.
· Modifications made after a decision has been made.
In these circumstances, understanding Arlington divorce and child custody law is critical. We can help you protect your rights and the well-being of your child. Please contact our office to schedule a free first appointment to discuss your child custody and parental responsibility concerns. Then, child Custody Lawyers at Arlington Heights can meet with you to examine your issue and figure out the best course of action for your case.
Experienced divorce attorneys in Arlington Heights
Our office is dedicated to assisting clients who require the services of a trial lawyer for family law, divorce, and divorce-related matters. We can answer your questions about divorce in Arlington Heights and the legal procedures for dissolving your marriage. Our firm is equipped to manage the complicated difficulties that frequently emerge in divorce disputes.
· Divorce is generally the first topic that comes to mind when people hear the word "family law." However, there are numerous more concerns in family law, although many of them are related to divorce, such as:
Legal separation
Child support
Separation agreements
Determination of paternity
The rights of grandparents
Division of property
Decree enforcement
Post-decree modifications
The kidnapping of a parent
Orders of protection
Prohibition orders
No-Fault Divorce
Arlington Heights is a modified "no-fault" state, meaning that either spouse can petition for divorce based on "irreconcilable differences" without blaming the other for wrongdoing. However, it must specify the grounds for divorce in the divorce application in Arlington Heights.
Although grounds as harmless as "irreconcilable differences" may be presented erroneously by your spouse, other grounds that may limit your ability to spend time with your children include:
· Battery for the home
· Domestic violence is a serious problem.
· Abuse of the physical kind
· Drunkenness regularly
· The use of drugs
· Gambling is a form of entertainment.
If you are not guilty of the allegations, you have even more reasons to hire a to assist you in protecting your rights as a parent and property owner.
Litigate or Negotiate?
Divorce proceedings can be exceedingly controversial, necessitating the need for a trial to resolve the concerns. Negotiating a divorce settlement with your husband is usually more practical and effective. However, divorce lawyers in Arlington Heights can assess your situation and provide you with legal advice and are completely prepared to argue your case in court if you choose to contest your divorce.
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