Divorce, Child Custody, and Family Law Attorneys with Years of Experience

If you're going through a divorce, you should be aware that you'll have to make several important and difficult decisions that will impact you and your family. The is a family law company with over 45 years of experience in Arlington Heights can help you make legal decisions about your divorce and ensure your interests are protected throughout the process.
Other important divorce-related concerns, including parenting time, custody, and visitation, can be addressed by our lawyers to assist you in maintaining strong bonds with your children. We also represent clients in high-asset divorces, spousal support and alimony, property division, and restraining order issues.
Arlington Heights Family Lawyers
In family law cases, complex issues can arise, affecting relationships between spouses, children, and other family members. At the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., we provide the compassionate, empathetic legal support you require in these situations. As highly skilled family law attorneys in Arlington Heights, we have more than 45 years of experience representing clients in the greater Chicago and northwest suburban communities. In various family law cases, we act as a formidable legal advocate to defend and safeguard your rights.
Arlington Heights family law attorneys who are kind and professional.
While dealing with legal difficulties that affect your family and financial stability, you want the assurance of having a knowledgeable Arlington height family law attorney on your side. At the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., we provide effective legal aid and sensitive client care at what is undoubtedly a trying time.
Our Arlington Heights family law attorneys assist clients in resolving legal issues throughout the city. In the following areas, we can provide guidance and protection.
Divorce proceedings, both contested and uncontested;
Parental obligations and child custody
Enforcement and revisions of existing court rulings; spousal maintenance and alimony;
Property division in a marriage;
Parenting responsibilities and child custody
Concerns about paternity and parental rights;
Changes in names and other court-related concerns;
Protective Orders and domestic abuse scenarios;
Arrangements made before and after marriage;
Arlington Heights family law attorneys guarantee expertise in court disputes.
At the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., our experience and ability in implementing Arlington Heights family law ensure that your legal concerns are handled as effectively and practically as possible.
Due to our decades of experience in taking cases to trial and our reputation in the legal community, we have developed outstanding professional relationships with persons in the legal sector, including attorneys, court officials, and judges. Some of the actions we take on your behalf are as follows:
Notifying all parties involved in your case and filing all relevant legal documents;
negotiating with other attorneys on your behalf;
obtaining expert testimony and documentation in your favor;
presenting legal arguments as needed to get court orders and other actions;
Requesting hearings on the law's implementation and any required changes.
Arlington Heights Lawyers for Parental Responsibilities and Child Custody
The physical, mental, and emotional well-being is considered in most divorce procedures when determining which parent has custody of the couple's children. If you're suffering from child custody issues, contact the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd. in Arlington Heights for help.
Based on over 45 years of experience in the field of family law, our firm takes pride in providing clients with specialized child custody representation. Child Custody Lawyers Arlington Heights can help you with joint custody, sole custody, legal custody, and visitation rights, among other issues.
Which option is best for your child?
As , our top priority is to create a solution that is in your child's best interests. If you are one of our customers, we will assist you in determining the best custody arrangement for your child. A multitude of factors may be considered by the court in this instance, including:
Your desires and those of your spouse
Desires of the child
Interactions between the child and you, your spouse, siblings, and other family members
The youngster's adaptation to his new home, school, and community
Every family member's mental and physical well-being
The possibility of physical abuse by the child's future guardian
The child or someone else in the house is abused regularly.
You want to assist and support the other parent and your child to keep their relationship going strong.
Make sure you're aware of your legal choices.
As a parent, you have various legal options for deciding which judge will hear your child custody case. Because of their experience in local courts, Child Custody Lawyers Arlington Heights can advise you on how that right can affect your concerns in a range of child custody problems, including:
Custody in Common
Paternity tests are used to determine the identity of the father.
The children are moved to a different state or location.
After a choice has been made, changes are made.
Understanding Arlington divorce and child custody law is crucial in these instances. We can assist you in defending your rights and ensuring the safety of your child. Please contact our office to set up a free initial consultation to address your concerns about child custody and parental responsibility. Child Custody Lawyers in Arlington Heights can then meet with you to discuss your situation and determine your case's best line of action.
Arlington Heights divorce lawyers have a lot of experience.
Our firm is committed to aiding clients in need of a trial lawyer for family law, divorce, or divorce-related concerns. We can answer any concerns you have regarding divorce in Arlington Heights and the legal steps involved in ending your marriage. Our team is prepared to handle the complex issues that frequently arise in divorce cases. When people hear the term "family law," the first thing that springs to mind is usually divorce. There are, however, a slew of other issues in family law, many of which are unrelated to divorce, such as:
Separation under the law
Aid to children
Separation contracts
Paternity determination
Grandparents' legal rights
Property is divided.
enforcing the decree
Modifications made after a decision has been made
A parent has been kidnapped.
Protection orders Prohibition orders
Divorce with No-Fault
Arlington Heights is a modified "no-fault" state, which means that either spouse can file for divorce based on "irreconcilable differences" without pointing the finger at the other. The grounds for divorce must, however, be specified in the
Although seemingly innocuous causes such as "irreconcilable differences" may be presented incorrectly by your spouse, there are other grounds that may limit your ability to spend time with your children:
The home's battery
Domestic violence is a major issue.
One of the most severe forms of abuse is physical abuse.
Drunkenness is a common occurrence.
Drugs are used.
Gambling is a recreational activity.
If you are not guilty of the allegations, you have even more reasons to seek an Arlington Heights divorce lawyer to help you defend your parental and property rights.
Should you go to court or negotiate?
Divorce cases can be extremely contentious, forcing the necessity for a trial to resolve the issues. It is frequently more practical and productive to negotiate a divorce settlement with your husband. Divorce lawyers in Arlington Heights, on the other hand, can examine your circumstances and offer legal counsel, as well as be fully prepared to argue your case in court if you decide to contest your divorce.
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