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The Way

Supporting Christ-centred entrepreneurship and innovation.

What we do

Venture Capital
Equity finance to support ambitious and capable micro-entrepreneurs
Micro Lending
Debt finance to support the purchase of productive equipment and supplies
Project Funding
Bridge equity and debt for expansion and growth of existing businesses

How we do it

The Way is not a charity. We support people and communities with economic need and a path to genuine wealth creation, including:
Both Christian and non-Christian startup founders and entrepreneurs seeking to build a company that makes a positive social impact
Parishioners in our parish communities with micro-loans and financing to build and sustain an income
Parish communities launching income-generating projects with micro-finance options
Missionary activities, especially into China (pro-bono)

Where we do it

In Phase 1 we will target non-Christian lands in South East Asian and East Asia to support individual and collective economic empowerment and social development consistent with Christian values.
Our markets include:

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