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Scaling User Research at a Startup
A User Research Toolkit for Startups

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User Persona Template



Job Role

What’s this person’s job title?

One liner of what they do every day

What’s the TL;DR (exec summary) of this person’s job?

Demographic Information

Age: XX
Gender: XX
Education level: XX
Alternative Job Titles: XX

Emotional Drivers


Attitudes: e.g. Detail-oriented, patient-centric, proactive about health trends
Values: e.g. Quality patient care, professional integrity, continuous learning
Interests: e.g. Medical advancements, patient engagement strategies
Hobbies: e.g. Reading medical journals, attending healthcare seminars, yoga
Lifestyle: e.g. Health-conscious, organized, community-involved
Personality traits: e.g. Empathetic, diligent, communicative, adaptive

Goals and motivations

Primary goal: e.g. To provide excellent care and maintain high patient satisfaction.
Motivations: e.g. Improving patient health outcomes, building a reputable practice.
Needs: e.g. Efficient practice management tools, reliable medical information sources.
Desires: e.g. To streamline administrative tasks and focus more on patient care.
How their performance is measured:
e.g. Patient feedback, practice growth, treatment success rates


e.g. Time management between patient care and administrative duties.
e.g. Keeping up with medical advancements and changing healthcare policies.
e.g. Managing patient appointments efficiently.
e.g. Maintaining a high standard of patient care amidst a busy schedule.

Pain points 5
Pain point
Before our solution
Our solution
How well our product solves the pain
Limited resources to manage bookings & paperwork
Struggled with managing appointments and patient records, leading to overbooking and administrative errors.
Intuitive booking and management system
There are no rows in this table

Communication, Technology, & Brand Affinities

Preferred channels of communication

e.g. Email for formal communication, phone calls for quick consultations, face-to-face for in-depth patient discussions.

Technological proficiency

e.g. Intermediate; comfortable with medical software and digital health tools.

Brand preferences

e.g. Software and Tools: Dr. Martinez prefers software that streamlines his practice management and enhances patient care. Key tools include Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems like Epic or Cerner for patient records management, and appointment scheduling platforms like ZocDoc to simplify patient bookings.
e.g. Professional Organizations and Networks: He values being part of professional medical communities for networking and continuous learning. He is likely a member of organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).
e.g. Medical Equipment Providers: For medical supplies and equipment, Dr. Martinez trusts brands known for reliability and quality. Companies like Medtronic for medical devices, and McKesson for pharmaceuticals and healthcare supplies, are her go-to choices.
e.g. Healthcare Technology Innovations: Staying abreast with the latest in healthcare tech, he shows interest in telemedicine platforms like Teladoc for remote consultations and wearable health tech brands like Fitbit or Apple Health for patient wellness tracking.

Questions they might ask

Persona Inspiration

Real customer quotes

“I'm constantly looking for ways to reduce the time I spend on paperwork. Is there a more efficient system for managing patient records and appointments?.”
ー Dr. Daniels

“I've heard a lot about telemedicine. Can it really help me provide better care, and how can I integrate it into my existing practice workflow?”
ー Dr. Rhoda

Example Customers
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