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Transferring & Receiving Evidence

Sometimes transfer evidence directly to the court, sometimes to the Attorney General and other Law Enforcement Agencies


Need a way to track Evidence (When it was transferred, to whom, for what, when does it get back etc)
A contact should be created for the Recipient
Recipient’s signature should be captured while Transferring and Submitting


HELMS captured who initiates the Evidence Transfer
Need an Recipient email address to initiate Transfer
Recipient will get an email with a return date of the Evidence
This email is triggered right when the Transfer is completed
The chance of sending an evidence to the same person more than once almost never happens
While submitting the Evidence, if an ELS is not around, other staff will receive the Evidence on ELS behalf and sign it. When ELS gets back, they verify and sign it again.


Ex: HELSM requests Medical Record on a Person and there’s no way for HELMS to force them to send the required evidence, so HELMS requests over and over again. So HELMS fine them on a daily basis until they submit what they are legally obligated to submit.

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