Calculate Your Customer Retention Rate [Calculator]

A free and simple calculator to gauge your customer retention rate, net revenue retention, customer growth rate, and net profit retention.
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Customer Retention Rate Calculator

Input these three values, and we’ll automatically calculate your retention rate.

Customers At The Start

Of a month, quarter, or year

New Customers Acquired

During that month, quarter, or year
Customers At The EndOf that month, quarter or year

Your Retention Rate =

This means, for every 100 customers you acquire, you retain
of these customers and lose
of them by the end of the period.

Your Customer Growth =

If it’s a negative number, it means you are losing those many users each period.

Your Growth Rate =

If this is a negative number, that means you’re experiencing a negative growth rate. Which means, you lose more users that you can add in a given period.

Calculate Net Dollar Retention Rate

Retention rate measures the total number of users. If you have several pricing tiers, not all lost users may command the same value. Revenue retention rate helps measure the dollar amount instead of the user count.

Total Revenue in the Previous Period


Total Revenue This Period


Profit Margin %


Your Net Revenue Retained =

Your Net Profit Retained =

Finally, There's Someone To Own Retention For You.

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