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Water Delivery Application
Water Delivery Application

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Driver App

For Driver Registration:

As a Driver first they should download the app.
After downloading the app they should register first.

For view the Order:

After login the driver can view the orders in the view order screen.
Driver can view the slots assign for deliver and also view of customers list for check the location of customer.
Driver check the location by using Map or GPS.

Collect the order from the Water Station:

After customer orders, the driver will collect the water bottles from water stations and will deliver that to the customer as required.


Driver app should allow the driver to take the signature of the customer in the mobile app after the delivery.
If customer is not available, then the driver captures the Image of delivered product.

Pick Empty Bottles:

In the driver app there should be an option where the driver can collect the empty bottle from the customer and can deliver it back to the water stations.
Driver can only pick up the empty bottles or the damaged bottle from the customer , no pickup of the filled water bottle from the customer . Exceptions only if a customer is leaving the city without the water bottle used he/she can return the filled bottle .But no option in APP he/she should contact the support team and they will arrange the return of field bottles.

Search Nearest Water Station:

There should be an option in the driver app that should allow the driver to select the nearest water station to deliver the empty bottle if he can't reach the water station before the closing hours.

Reject the Delivery:

There should be an option which allows the driver to reject the delivery of the product, if they found it damaged just before delivering it to the customer. A notification or message sent to the customer informing about non delivery of the product.

Notification screen:

Delivery order related notification
Order cancel notification from customer site
Bottles return related notification

Driver Availability:

In this section driver shows own status Like: Online and Offline.
If the driver is not available for sometime or if driver is not working for that day than using this option driver can shown own status.

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