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Water Delivery Application
Water Delivery Application

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Customer App

For Download the App & Registration:

As a customer first they should download the app no matter the place they are situated.
After downloading the app, they should register first. Customer can be registered by using their contact number and E-mail Address.
If a customer after registration tries to order from a location where the delivery is not currently available, it will show the popup. Example- Currently we are not available at your location.
In the above case the app should notify the customer to refer to more friends in their area like approx. 200 something, then the delivery will be available at their location, and they will get reward points.
Inside the app there should be an option to refer the app to their friends through the link and a refer code. The person can download the app using the refer code and can get the reward points as well.
There should be a notification to the customer that the number of people is registered using the reference code and should also show the reward points. Ex.- “Hey, your friend Karen is sign Up Now”.

For Placing the order:

The customer should place the order with this app after the payment through Wallet, Cash, and Reward points. For example: If a customer has 500 points and has an order of 100/-, then 100 points should be used from the reward leaving a balance of 400 points. And if customers have the balance of the rewards of 40 points and the order amount is 100/-, then 40 points will be deducted from the reward and have to pay balance 60/- by different payment modes.

Reward Points:

Reward getting when placed the first order.
Reward points gets from the admin when product is damage or any other issues are in delivered product.


While they do the payment there should be a popup showing for “Do you want to use the reward points for payment”, if a customer wants to use the reward point it will be deducted from the amount else the customer can proceed with full payment.


A notification will come from Admin site that the service is not available in your location. Ex.- “This service is not available in this area”.
When Friends registered using the link or refer code then customer receives a notification.
After completed criteria for order placed i,e; if in that particular area 200 or more than 200 people is registered for using this app than a one notification will come from the admin site, “Congratulations, we are now available at your location”.
A notification will come for order success/Order shipped/Pre-Delivery notification/Order Delivered/Order Cancellation.
The customer should get notification/suggestion while ordering the water bottle with the different other products available. For example, - While ordering the bottle then they can order organic foods or other available products.

Rating option, Order Track:

There should be an option for customers to rate the app and provide feedback.
There should be an option for customer to rate the driver and give feedback.
There should be an option where customers can track their order.
Customer track the location of driver or delivery boy using GPS.

Driver details:

There should be an option where the customer can see the driver name, number so that customer can contact the driver if needed.

Return Damaged Product:

In the customer app there should be an option where the customer can reject or select the return of the product if it is damaged.
There should be an option where customers who have selected a recurring order can increase the required quantity of product, and customers need to pay for the new order. Ex.- If the order is for 5 bottles and the customer has used these 5 bottles and needs 1 more bottle, then they have to place a new order and return empty bottles and pay the extra amount for the new order.
There should be an option where customers can return the filled water bottles in case they leave the city.

Customers can orders in the following ways:

You want it now. (If customer wants the product ASAP, he/she can select want it now for fast delivery like 90 mins approx)
He wants it today but can select the time slot when he is available for example today at 4 pm to 7 pm.
Customers can schedule the recurring order. For example 5 gallon/jars every Monday between 4 pm to 7 pm.
NOTE: In case of recurring order a notification should be sent to the customer about the subscription one day prior to the order where customer can know about scheduled delivery and can cancel if needed.

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