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OneDrive and Portfolio Links

This doucment outlines how an admin is to onboard a new emplyee to our OneDrive and Portfolio system.

Step 1 - SharePoint Admin

Navitage to the SharePoint admin center
Find Nexus Projects and add the new user as a member
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.12.05 PM.png

Step 2 - OneDrive Settings

As the user, go to the home page for
Enable Following status on the top right
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.16.46 PM.png
Navigate to the document library and Add shortcut to OneDrive
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.19.11 PM.png
Add the shortcut as well for the document library and

Step 3 - Local computer settings

After installing (if Mac) and logging in as the user on the local OneDrive, ensure the shortcuts to the doucment libraries show up in the OneDrive folders
Install Office/Teams/Outlook
Create Shortcuts (PC) or Alias (Mac) on the desktop for the three document libraries
Create a URL shortcut on the desktop for our Portfolio system:
Notify of the new users email address. He will create an account for the portfolio system.
Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 4.37.11 PM.png

Step 4 - Monday and PurelyHR

Add a desktop shortcut for:
Notify to add user to Monday

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