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Linking to your OHMS XML file in the OHMS Viewer

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Construct a hyperlink to the XML file to call up the OHMS viewer. Part 1 of the URL will always remain the same, linking to the location of the OHMS viewer. Part 2 will always be the corresponding filename for the OHMS XML file, placed in the cachefiles subdirectory of the OHMS viewer.
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Place hyperlink in appropriate location of CMS. When transporting interviews into a content management system like Omeka this is one of the fields that can be automatically imported from the OHMS XML.

Setting the Default OHMS viewer location in Aviary OHMS

This link can be generated automatically and placed into the OHMS XML file automatically. This can be useful if your workflow could be constructed to harvest those links from the XML and utilized by the content management system you are using. In order to take advantage of this feature, Aviary OHMS Org admins can enter the default viewer location. Go to the Aviary OHMS menu and choose the "OHMS Configuration" submenu item. Then enter the data into the "Default OHMS Viewer Location" field. As long as the metadata element “XML Filename” is populated for the particular item you are exporting, Aviary OHMS will combine the root location of the OHMS Viewer with the specified “XML filename, forming a functional link that populates the OHMS “XML Location” field in the exported XML file.
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