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WAVR Mag Leadership

Founded in 2019, WAVR Mag is a multicultural magazine style multimedia brand, providing ingenious, prolific and innovative ways to get the entire world discovered. Our unique approach allows anyone, anywhere, anytime to tell the world your great story. Like a work of art and the world is your canvas. We help you share your story. Our undeniably pleasing magazine covers are intricately designed to give an elegant visual perspective with stunning aesthetics, featured on our exclusive WAVR Mag monthly issues.

"Whether you are aspiring, emerging or advancing - We've got you covered, the WAVR way!"

Executive Profiles (Board of Directors)
Kevin Lewis (Kev Chino’)
Founder, CEO
Jasmine Curell
Marketing Communications
Lisa Sanmore
Media Development, Head Of Design

WAVR Mag HQ/ Helpline

Office: +1(443)-855-7336
Contact us: For business, digital press, print publications, media kits, questions and/or feedback, please write to us at . We'd love to hear from you!

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