PML/PMP "Buy Box"


At the heart of my investment strategy is the pursuit of truly exceptional opportunities, and I am happy to miss many “good” deals and wait for the best ones. I manage a small hedge fund, which serves as a benchmark for evaluating potential deals. This fund consistently achieves a 15% IRR (Internal Rate of Return) or CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate), setting a high bar for the investments we consider. Our returns are subject to the long-term capital gains tax rate, which gives an advantage over the COC returns often seen in a PML deal.
Beyond my hedge fund and personal investments, I have a group a network of friends and investors interested in participating in deals who have a lower bar than I do. I may do the underwriting and act as a consultant in those deals.
My investors and I take a cautious approach to investment. We prioritize stability and keep at arms length of speculative ventures, regardless of their projected upside.

PML “Buy Box”

18%+ COC Return
6mo minimum term, longer the better
2nd position
$15-100K deals

PMP “Buy Box”

10%+ COC return (10-Cap)
50/50 Equity/Ownership Split
Ideally a “forever” hold (no planned exit)
$15-100K deals

Investor List “Buy Box”

10%+ COC Return
3mo minimum term, longer the better
2nd position
$15-100K deals

New deal metrics

For every new deal I am immediately looking for five metrics:
Amount needed (entry fee)
Projected COC return
Length of deal (6mo, 1yr)
What it’s secured by
When you need the money by (closing date)

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