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Hi all, in this document you can get to know about the seo tasks in detail which I have undertaken during my four year growth marketing career.


1. Landing page SEO - 50+ pages

30 + pages in top pages of google SERP - (US Targeted pages)
Sample keywords - YouTube banner maker, YouTube thumbnail maker, Facebook post maker, Facebook story maker, Instagram post maker, Instagram story maker, Twitter post maker, Facebook ad creator and more.
Sign up count increased from 200 → 2000 per day (In 1.5 yr span)
Website traffic details (200 K Clicks & 6 M impressions an avg per month)
Note - The current traffic metrics will vary, bcz we are shifting the focus completely to B2B sector. For more details refer point no 5.

2. Picmaker Templates SEO (Programmatic SEO Concept)

Templates in the above url is category based. (Totally 82 Main categories and 500+ Sub categories)
Eg - YouTube Banner templates is a main category. In this templates are classified in sub categories like gaming, travel, music, education and more. (please check the above url)
500+ subcategory keywords in google SERP
Sample keywords → WhatsApp story templates, YouTube banner templates, gaming YouTube banner templates and more.
Dynamic sitemap implemented to handle bulk url’s
Templates traffic details (Templates Initiated in sept -2021)

3. Other SEO Activities

Technical SEO (Schema’s, breadcrumb, redirects, dynamic sitemaps, robots)
Off page works (All types of link building works)
Regular website audits to rectify site errors and maintain site health.

4. Content Support

Blog →

5. Other Marketing Activities

ICP research to market the product
Product demo calls for customers
Inbound and Outbound campaigns
Email marketing support
Product analysis to support inbound and outbound campaigns
ABM / Outreach campaigns to support B2B approach
Sales enablement works (MQL’s, SQL’s Generation / Qualification and Sales Pitch Support)

123 Total Web Solutions

1. Directory SEO ()

Yellow Page service specifically for Coimbatore area.
2000+ categories (car rentals, beauty parlours, advertising agencies and more)
2000+ keywords in google SERP
Paid Campaigns for yellow pages (to collect business data directly from business persons)

2. SEO Services

Seo services for various clients around the world from Oman, United States, Dubai and Australia.

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