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Meeting summary

The team discussed new image editor development, including the possibility of accelerating the development process and conducting user testing. They also talked about planning a team offsite, creating a workback plan for next year's event, sharing customer stories, and onboarding a new engineer.
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AI-generated action items
New image editor development
Lola Tseudonym
Set Q3 as the target date for shipping the editor.
Hire three more engineers to potentially accelerate development and ship the image editor in Q2.
Reach out to HR and discuss the hiring pipeline to speed up implementation and testing phases.
Coordinate with Amy from HR regarding the hiring process.
Check with the team regarding QC and testing to avoid blocking the launch.
Conduct user testing and gather feedback during the development process to ensure the image editor meets user expectations.
Focus on a large campaign in Q3 to make the launch well-known across current and new customers.
Ensure the image editor is user-friendly and easy to use for anyone on any team.
Consider creating a comprehensive user guide and documentation, potentially in product tours, to empower users and make the most of the image editor during the launch timeframes.
Team offsite
Polly Rose
Determine dates for offsite, potentially Q2, mid-June
Polly to send survey for date options
Decide on offsite activity (painting class, city tour, botanical gardens)
Consider deadline for next launch and team availability
Identify customers based in Denver to meet with
Plan fun icebreakers and structured team meetings
Confirm offsite budget with People team
Share & discuss customer stories
Lola Tseudonym
Share customer stories page
Share examples from competitor promos.
Decide which channels to use for sharing stories
Engage with sales team and customer success team for more customer calls
New hire onboarding
Buck Dubois
Welcome new engineer starting next week
Conduct onboarding sessions covering company culture, team structure, and projects
Discuss company culture and values
Explain team structure and dynamics
Review current projects and ongoing initiatives
Introduce tools and software used for collaboration
Share key resources and documentation
Provide list of people to meet with (Polly to create)
Continue buddy system, which has received positive feedback.
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Cross-functional collaboration

What do my partners on other teams need to know?

Customers Team

The team should nominate beta customers for testing the new image editor.
The team should also consider recommending users to interview for the development process.

Design Team

The team should focus on designing new features, landing pages, or marketing assets for the new image editor.

People Team

The team should welcome and conduct onboarding sessions for the new engineer starting next week.

Product Team

The team should develop new features and products, specifically the new image editor.

Marketing Team

The team should prepare for a large campaign in Q3 to make the launch well-known across current and new customers.
The team should also share customer stories and examples from competitor promos, and decide on the channels to use for sharing stories.
Consists of sales, customer success, support teams
Design team
Designing new features, landing pages, or marketing assets
Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, planning company events
Product team
Developing new features and products
Marketing team
New campaigns, assets for new features and to raise product awareness
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