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4/23, 3:00 PM
XYZ Manufacturing <> ABC Widgets
4/23, 3:00 PM
Minutes Approved
XYZ Manufacturing <> ABC Widgets
Adam Davis
Alan Chowansky
Buck Dubois
Felix Marlin
James Booth
Not in Attendance
Lola Tseudonym
Maria Marquis
Alan Chowansky
Action items
Review further work XYZ can complete
Review an invoice from Acme Inc.
The meeting started with introductions, the adoption of the previous meeting's minutes, and a letter of praise from XYZ Manufacturing Company, followed by the approval of an invoice from ABC Widgets, Inc., and concluded with the scheduling of the next meeting.

Introductory Material

Mr. Johnson called the meeting to order at 2:46 p.m. After informal introductions, Johnson announced that his cat recently birthed six kittens. On the motion of Ms. Hawthorne, the minutes of the July meeting were adopted by unanimous consent with the exception that the word 'truck' in paragraph 15 is stricken and replaced with the word 'semi tractor.'

Consent Agenda

Mrs. Smith read into the record a letter from XYZ Manufacturing Company dated Nov. 4. The letter praised the transportation division's professionalism in expediting a high-profile product delivery. Mr. Perez, on behalf of the transportation division, said that XYZ did an excellent job of providing detailed route instructions. Next week, the group should review further work XYZ can complete.

Business Agenda

Johnson opened discussion on an invoice from ABC Widgets for $21,434.87. Ms. Hatoyama said the invoice was approved by the finance committee last week. Mr. Michaels said he supports the ongoing work with ABC Widgets. Hatoyama moved to approve the invoice from ABC Widgets, Inc., for $21,434.87. Ms. Sandborn seconded. Motion carried 4-2, with Hatoyama, Sandborn, Michaels and Smith in favor and Perez and Clark opposed. Next week, the group needs to review an invoice from Acme Inc.

Concluding Materials

Johnson adjourned the meeting at 7:14 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for August 5 at 3 p.m. in the executive board room.
Signed, Robert Johnson, chairman Kyle McGregor, recording secretary

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