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Holiday stories with Coda AI

Use Coda AI to quickly create a fun and imaginative story, poem, or haiku to help celebrate the holidays!

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Erica (mother), Tomas (child, aged 5), Bingo (dog)
They go to outer space and eat pizza!
The Singh family
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Dear The Singh family, we wish you very happy holidays! Enjoy a fun AI Poem below.
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
Erica and Tomas were planning their trip to the outer space,
Bingo, their dog, wagged his tail with glee,
Excited to explore the galaxy with his family.
They packed their bags with pizza and treats,
Ready to embark on their interstellar feats,
With a wave goodbye, they took off into the sky,
Adventuring through the stars, they felt so alive.
Tomas grinned as he saw the meteor shower,
While Erica marveled at a planet with a flower,
Bingo barked at the sight of a friendly alien,
And they all shared some pizza, the best in the land.
But as they traveled further, something strange occurred,
A glitch in the system, their ship was deterred,
They spun out of control, through the galaxy they flew,
Until they crash-landed on a planet, all feeling blue.
But Erica, Tomas, and Bingo didn't despair,
They were together, a family that cared,
They built a new ship, with the help of their friends,
And flew back home, with a story that never ends.
So as you celebrate this Christmas with your kin,
Think of the adventures that await within,
Take a cue from Erica, Tomas, and Bingo too,
And remember that family is all that matters, it's true.
Best wishes,

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