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Coda AI + Slack: summaries & action items

Use Coda AI to create summaries & actions to send through Slack.

If you have regular team meetings, you can use Coda AI to drive accountability and give cross-functional partners transparency.
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Tip: You can use a similar format to get and share any type of insights, for example if you are collecting customer feedback and want a weekly summary.

Meeting summary

Here is your weekly AI-generated summary of our meeting notes.
Action items from the meeting include selecting a location, determining dates, deciding on activities, considering deadlines and team availability, incorporating successful elements from previous offsites, and confirming budget with the People team. Other topics covered were creating a workback plan for next year's event, sharing and discussing customer stories, and onboarding a new engineer with a list of action items.
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Action items

Hi team, here is your reminder of action items from our weekly meeting.
Polly Rose:
Look up which customers are based in Denver to meet with during the offsite.
Send a survey to fill out desired date options for the team offsite.
Lola Tseudonym:
Check with the People team for budget and confirm selection for the team offsite.
Buck Dubois:
Draft a writeup for a thoughtful blogpost with a recap of the event, with stories from event attendees who shared valuable takeaways.
Lead pre-mortem for next year's event.
Each person to check in with the new hire by mid-week.
Entire team:
Review both the quantitative and qualitative feedback to identify areas in our planning, processes, and programs where we can improve at next year’s event.
Share customer stories page
Share examples from competitor promos.
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Meeting topics
Allotted time
Added by
Team offsite
15 minutes
Polly Rose
Create a workback plan for next year’s event
15 minutes
Buck Dubois
Share & discuss customer stories
10 minutes
Lola Tseudonym
New hire onboarding
15 minutes
Buck Dubois
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