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Meeting summary

Team discussed potential locations and dates for a team offsite in Q2, and will determine the activity later. They also discussed factors to be aware of, such as deadlines and vacations, and Lola will confirm the budget with the People team.
Buck and Maria will draft a blog post recapping the event, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvement. They also plan to send out a survey and create a customer council to plan next year's event.
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AI-generated action items
Team offsite
15 minutes
Polly Rose
Determine Q2 dates for offsite
Send survey for desired date options
Decide on activity for offsite
Check engineering team's availability before offsite
Look up Denver-based customers to meet with during offsite
Plan fun icebreakers and structured team meetings
Confirm budget with People team.
Create a workback plan for next year’s event
15 minutes
Buck Dubois
Contact Buck Dubois to draft writeup.
Lead pre-mortem to plan next year's event.
Review quantitative and qualitative feedback from this year's event to identify areas for improvement.
Share & discuss customer stories
10 minutes
Lola Tseudonym
Share customer stories page
Share examples from competitor promos.
New hire onboarding
15 minutes
Buck Dubois
New engineer starting next week!
Their first few days will include learning sessions on company culture, team structure, and projects during the onboarding. In their second week, they’ll start joining all our team meetings.
Polly will make a list of people they should meet with.
Goal: each person to check in with the new hire by mid-week.
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Cross-functional collaboration

Based on our meeting notes, what do my partners on other teams need to know?

People Team

Discussed team offsite: potential location in Denver, mid-June dates to be determined, activity to be determined, budget to be checked with People team, other considerations include deadline for next launch and Denver-based customers to meet with.
Discussed new hire onboarding: sessions to cover company culture, team structure, ongoing projects, tools and software used for collaboration, key resources and documentation. Polly to make a list of people to meet with and continue successful buddy system.

Customers Team

Discussed creating a workback plan for next year's event: draft a writeup, contact stakeholders, lead pre-mortem, review feedback to identify areas for improvement.
Discussed sharing and discussing customer stories: need to decide on best channels for sharing. Action items include sharing customer stories page and examples from competitor promos.
Teams & responsibilities
Recruiting, hiring, onboarding
Sales, customer success, support
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