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Bedtime & birthday stories with Coda AI

Use Coda AI to quickly create a fun and imaginative story for bedtime or to celebrate someone’s birthday. Not just for kids!

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Bedtime story

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Plot points
Details about the person
A dragon
The wizard traps the prince in a tower
9 year old child
A princess
The princess rescues the prince by riding a dragon
Loves cartoons
A wizard
Loves jokes
A prince
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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a young prince named Max. He loved cartoons and jokes, but he also loved adventure. One day, while exploring the kingdom, Max stumbled upon an old tower. It was said that a powerful wizard lived at the top of the tower, and that he could grant any wish to whoever could reach him.
Max was curious and decided to climb the tower. However, when he reached the top, the wizard trapped him inside. Max was scared and didn't know what to do.
Meanwhile, in another part of the kingdom, there lived a brave princess named Lily. She had heard of Max's plight and was determined to rescue him. She sought the help of a wise old dragon named Sparky, who agreed to help her.
Together, Lily and Sparky flew to the tower where Max was trapped. The wizard tried to stop them, but Sparky breathed fire and scared him away. Lily climbed up the tower and rescued Max.
As they were leaving, the wizard appeared again, determined to stop them. But Max had a plan. He told the wizard a joke he had heard earlier that day. It was so funny that the wizard couldn't help but laugh. While the wizard was laughing, Lily, Max, and Sparky made their escape.
Max and Lily returned to the kingdom as heroes. Max was grateful to Lily and Sparky for saving him, and he promised to always remember their adventure together.
From that day on, Max and Lily became the best of friends. They had many more adventures together, but none were as exciting as the time they rescued Max from the wizard's tower.

Birthday story

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Details about the person
Desired setting
Other details
Named Anthony, turning 30
The moon
Include Taylor Swift lyrics
Loves pizza
A spaceship
Make it funny and ridiculous
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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a young man named Anthony was celebrating his 30th birthday. He was a lover of pizza and had always dreamed of traveling to the moon. Little did he know, his wildest dreams were about to come true.
One day, Anthony received an unexpected invitation from NASA to join them on a space mission to the moon. Ecstatic, he immediately accepted and began training for his journey. He spent hours practicing zero-gravity pizza eating, and even convinced the astronauts to bring along a special pizza oven for the trip.
Finally, the day of the launch arrived. Anthony was dressed in his best space suit, complete with a pizza pattern on the helmet. As he boarded the spaceship, he couldn't help but sing a little Taylor Swift to calm his nerves:
"I'm like, hey, what's up, hello
Seen yo pretty face as soon as you came in the door”
With a wink and a grin, Anthony settled into his seat and prepared for liftoff. As the engines roared to life, he felt a rush of excitement and anticipation.
The journey to the moon was long and bumpy, but Anthony didn't mind. He spent most of his time perfecting his pizza-making skills and singing karaoke with the other astronauts. They even composed a special birthday song for him:
“Happy birthday, dear Anthony
You're the coolest guy in space
We hope your pizza's never cold
And your dreams are out of this place”
Finally, they arrived at the moon. Anthony was overjoyed to step out of the spaceship and onto the dusty surface. He couldn't believe he was actually standing on the moon, holding a slice of hot pizza in his hand.
As he gazed up at the vast, starry sky, he knew that this was the best birthday present he could ever ask for. He felt truly alive and grateful for the experience.
But then, something unexpected happened. A group of alien dogs appeared out of nowhere, and began to chase Anthony around, barking and howling. He tried to run away, but they were too fast.
In a moment of panic, Anthony remembered a special trick he had learned in pizza school. He tossed a slice of pizza to the dogs, who caught it in midair and began to devour it with gusto.
Relieved, Anthony chuckled to himself, "I guess even aliens love pizza!”
And with that, he continued his adventure on the moon, singing and laughing all the way back to Earth. Happy birthday, Anthony!

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