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3 ways AI chat can help with your work

Meet the newest Coda AI feature, who can help you brainstorm ideas, iterate on content, or get answers across your doc.

AI assistant, AI column & AI block

In June, we announced the , and the initial three Coda AI features, which can help you create first drafts, extract insights, or create content at scale.

AI assistant

Your writing assistant and table builder.
Draft content, generate tables, and build—fast.
AI assistant can reference other tables or pages— so you can easily give the context needed to get the output you want.

AI block

Turn information into insights.
Get the 10,000 ft view from your information, fast, by @ referencing other tables, pages and data for insights.
Keep your team on track, as AI block refreshes as you add more context across your doc.

AI column

Create auto-generated custom content— that scales.
With the ability to @ reference other tables, or column data, add more rows and watch them populate instantly with custom content.
Add AI generated tags to each row, and turn your data into a dashboard.

Introducing AI chat

Your on-demand work assistant, always available in the side panel of your doc, and can help you as a writing partner, a team collaborator, and an insights generator.

1. As a writing partner, AI chat can help you...

Get started with your idea or proposal.
SWOT analysis.gif

Create & brainstorm taglines, titles, and closing paragraphs (and more!)
Brainstorm buddy.gif

Expand or organize current content, like converting bullet points into a table.
feature PRD.gif

2. As a team collaborator, AI chat can help you...

Find what you need— or important information you might have missed.
Gif backgrounds.gif

Get up to speed (and help others do the same).

Figure out what you need to focus on.
action items.gif

3. As an insights generator, AI chat can help you...

Extract high level themes, and create metrics.
customer feedback.gif

Dig into new topics.
buyer persona .gif

Understand what’s in flight.
key milestones.gif

Interested in learning more about using AI chat for your work? for our next Coda AI training!

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