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Do you want to know if your community serves its purpose?

Creating a community is a wonderful thing. You are holding space for a group of people, making resources accessible, and creating a safe space for interaction. But are you achieving your goal? Are purpose and reality aligned?
I like to preface that I'm a data analyst, a computational social scientist to be exact. I use data to explain, understand, and investigate human behavior. I use different data sources: Numbers and text. Data isn't just about click-rate or survey results. It's bigger than that. Your intuition is also a data point. It is a very subjective data point, but that doesn't make it useless. Just subjective.
We could start a philosophical discussion about what makes something subjective or objective, and isn't objectivity not just agreed-upon subjectivity? Why do we have a number system based on 10 numbers?
If you consider yourself not a data person, then my is for you. We begin at the beginning:
If you want to collect the right data to measure how successful your community is, you need to know why you created the community and how you want members to behave in your community. That's where the data mindset comes in. Well, data mindset is the wrong word. It's about collecting evidence to know if what you are doing is working.

The end goal: Retaining community members.
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