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Venddy Loop Approvals
2021 Venddy Loop Approvals

Nov 10 - Venddy Search

Reviewed: 2021 Nov 10
Reviewer: Kashif Ross
Loop is approved
Loop requires updates
Suggestions for updates:

Required update:
The only required UX update is to properly align results:
Group 1.png
Non-required UX suggestions:

Generated Whisper
Currently, generating a Whisper is not very intuitive. A lot of reading is required to get started. This won’t hinder the review process. However, you may consider updating your Start Whisper to include inputs that can be found on Venddy.
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 1.25.47 PM.png

Here’s a generic example that can help users refine results:
Advanced Search.png

Updatable Whispers are now possible, meaning a new Whisper does not have to open with each click. Consider keeping all of your Whispers on one card and allowing users to click “Back” after selecting an option.
Scrolling is also possible, so users don’t have to click “Next” hundreds of times to view options. A better user experience would be to scroll through the list, much like can be done on Venddy.
Does the Loop adhere to our
UX Tenets
How/why Whispers are being generated is apparent to the user
Visual Design
Fonts are properly used (headlines, body copy, links, etc)
Logos are legible
Color strip (Does it align with the branding?)
Whisper Content
Is relevant to user tasks
Helps users complete their objectives
Titles and content have correct grammar and readability
Expanded Whispers are not longer than the sidebar
When navigating away from a result, the user can easily return to their result
Loop Library
Logos are legible
Loop library page - Title and description have correct grammar and readability
Details page - Title and description have correct grammar and readability

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