Nurse Notification Service

Reviewed: 2021 Dec 14
Reviewer: Kashif Ross


Loop is approved
Loop requires updates

Suggestions for updates:

Required changes:
Start Whisper
Four start Whispers open once the Loop starts. Reduce that to one.
Help users understand how to start or set up the Loop

Short Loop Library Description
Content: “This loop provides urgent clinical notifications”
Suggestion: Provide a clear description that lets users know what the Loop can do.
Long Loop Library Description
There is no long description. Please provide more details to the user. Look for examples within the Loop Library.
The logo works well in the Loop Library, but thin logos tend to blur when they get smaller. The logo within each Whisper is blurry. Consider inverting the black and white colors. Also, consider using a color that aligns with your brand identity.
Non-required change:
Brand identity
Find a color that works for your brand, and use that color in the strip. The neon green may be a bit harsh.


Does the Loop adhere to our
UX Tenets
How/why Whispers are being generated is apparent to the user
Visual Design
Fonts are properly used (headlines, body copy, links, etc)
Logos are legible
Color strip (Does it align with the branding?)
Whisper Content
Is relevant to user tasks
Helps users complete their objectives
Titles and content have correct grammar and readability
Expanded Whispers are not longer than the sidebar
When navigating away from a result, the user can easily return to their result

Loop Library

Logos are legible
Loop library page - Title and description have correct grammar and readability
Details page - Title and description have correct grammar and readability
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