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I’ve been a teacher, publishing executive, and personal trainer but where I have landed and currently operate is as the fractional COO who optimizes workflows and leverages my CEO experience.
As such, where I provide the most value is as—
a fractional COO that works best with professional services, community, and SaaS CEOs that are visionaries:
for those overwhelmed, I manage whatever they don’t want, so they can focus on their strengths;
for those who want to scale, I standardize, streamline, and optimize systems and operations;
and throughout all of this, I empower the team and am more/less fractional as the business needs.
a workflow consultant who optimizes business and communication systems and workflows:
for those who love their tools but need help, I optimize and integrate and then train the team on it;
for those who need to choose a tool, I assess, research, recommend and then implement and train;
and for those who use clickup or coda, I can also do full build-outs and implementations.
the founder of Fractionals United, the free community for all current and aspiring fractional leaders to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other.

My Offers: How I Can Help

If you’re a CEO/founder of a small to mid-size business and need help running it, .
If you’re struggling with disjointed systems/workflows, don’t have the right tools, and/or are doing too much manually, .
If you’re a current fractional leader or leader considering going fractional, in Fractionals United.
If you’re looking to hire fractional talent, happy to with my community.
If you need leadership eyeballs for your product/service, our quickly growing community.
Looking for a mentor or advisor and my experience resonates with you, just reach out on .

My Asks: Introductions You Can Make to Help

CEOs/founders who could use a fractional COO or other fractional talent
CEOs or other leaders that need help with their tools and systems
Current or aspiring fractional leaders looking for a community
Products/Service providers who would be good sponsorship partners

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