Bila Sander-Karen (2023.05.31)

Below a summary of Sander’s guiding advice:
Regarding the target selection for the qualitative research:
We will aim at approx. 10 to 15 QT interviews.
It is not key to select a mixture of advisors and enterprises. Why? Because we believe that the biggest potential is in the enterprise market.
The basic (simple and plain) aim of the qualitative research should be to interview people who are occupied with contract management.
That aren’t in particular advisors. So we do aim an this enterprise market and we want to avoid falling into the trap of developing a product for our own market only.
We would like a mixture of different types of companies, but it could just as well be people working in a law firm or in industry.
So the only important criteria for now is that they should be dealing with contract management.
And in a nutshell: it’s our goal to find out how they currently manage that and what their pains/needs are.
This info will the basis to build upon our quantitative interview.
Regarding the involvement of all countries in the qualitative research:
We prefer to have some interviews in all 6 countries, but in case it would happen that 1 or 2 countries don’t succeed in bringing on a candidate for the qualitative research, that wouldn’t be a disaster.
(We will obviously NOT share it like that!! We prefer ALL countries to be involved as from the start! 😉)
The most important is that it is a multi-national approach, so not just interviews in only 1 or 2 countries.
It’s only afterwards in the quantitative market research that we will go broader, that covering a wider range of segments and assuring all 6 countries are covered, becomes essential.
Seen the pressure regarding the deadline, we don’t think it will be feasible to organise training for local interviewers.
We prefer a pragmatic approach and consistency in the interviews that will be fully customer oriented.
We will ask Anna to execute the interviews in English however, it will be key to have a native speaker aboard during the interviews.
The quantitative interviews, however, will need to be translated.
We will have to try to rely on the network of our colleagues to find the people for the qualitative interviews. I reckon I can count on you too as an influencer/ambassador!
As for the preparation of the quantitative interviews: that should start now as well.
I will contact the software directors in person to ask them to come with a suitable multi-channel approach for their country, i
And related to that, obviously also the resources in terms of people and (limited) of money.
Budget-wise there is a (luckily) already a bit more foreseen than the 40k (of which 32,5k is spent already). Anne will prepare an offer and we’ll negotiate so that it will fit the budget.
Next steps:
Contact software directors in person before kick-off in order to start the creation of CLM community
Prepare roadmap with Anna
Prepare kick-off CLM project
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