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Revised Outline and Script:

Introduction [2-3 mins]

Script: “Hello everyone, I’m [Your Name], founder of KANU. We're all about turning aspiring entrepreneurs into actual entrepreneurs. I want to share how we got to where we are today, from identifying the problem to implementing the solution.”

Personal Background [2 mins]

Script: "I started out in high school designing logos for anyone who'd let me. After dipping my toes in big platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, I went back to a community-focused approach, where I found real success.”

The Problem [3 mins]

Script: “We observed that existing platforms weren't effective in guiding entrepreneurs towards success. Did you know 41% of college students want to start their own businesses, but only 4% actually do? A major gap exists in experiential learning opportunities, and that's what we aimed to solve.”

Researched [4 mins]

Script: “Our research methods included peer-to-peer surveys, door-to-door interviews, and market research. We found that many educators also crave experiential learning opportunities for their students but are deterred by costs and organizational challenges.”

Tested [4 mins]

Script: "We first rolled out a basic platform exclusive to URI students. We stayed connected with classrooms, gathering pre-semester, in-semester, and post-semester feedback. One major adjustment was the introduction of payment portals to meet the demand.”

Final Solution [5 mins]

Script: “Today, KANU offers a myriad of features from landing pages to point-of-sale and push notifications. We even have gamified credentialing and an educator dashboard. What really clicked were our share storefronts, POS, and product storefronts. We had to let go of some initial features like bartering, but the impact? Over 1000 students have launched their products or service storefronts on KANU!”

Key Messages [3 mins]

Script: “So, what can we learn from this journey? The importance of efficient design, customer feedback, SMART objectives, and MVPs.”

Q&A [4-5 mins]

Script: "I welcome questions as we go along, so feel free to ask me anything at any point.”

Conclusion [1-2 mins]

Script: "So there you have it, the journey of KANU from an idea to a platform that has helped over a thousand students. If we can do it, so can you. Turn your aspirations into action.”

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