KANU VPAT Accessibility Statement

Scope and Purpose
This VPAT applies to KANU’s technology platform, designed to support entrepreneurship within academic environments. It addresses the platform's current state of accessibility and outlines future plans for improvement.
Conformance Level Assessment
As of now, KANU has not been formally assessed against accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1, EN 301 549, or Section 508. We recognize the importance of these standards and plan to align our platform with them in the future.
Accessibility Features
Currently, KANU does not have specific features designed for accessibility. We acknowledge this gap and are committed to developing and implementing accessibility features in our upcoming development cycles.
Limitations and Workarounds
We are in the process of identifying potential limitations in accessibility on our platform. As these are identified, we will explore workarounds and prioritize these areas in our development roadmap.
Testing and Validation
KANU plans to incorporate regular accessibility testing into our development process, including automated tools, manual evaluations, and consultations with users who have disabilities.
Documentation and Support
For the latest information on our accessibility efforts and support, users can contact us at . We welcome feedback and inquiries regarding accessibility.
Continuous Improvement
We are committed to the continuous improvement of accessibility on our platform. Regular updates to this VPAT will be made as we progress in our accessibility journey.
Contact Information
For questions or feedback regarding KANU’s accessibility, please contact us at .
Official Statement
KANU is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible learning environment. We are actively working towards enhancing our platform to meet the diverse needs of all our users, affirming our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.
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