Best Apps for Android App Developers

Owing to the large audience at hand, Google’s Play Store provides a myriad of applications for its customer base. Google also helps the users to decide on which application to download by providing ratings for the application given by other users. The better the rating, the more the downloads of the applications, the more the rating, and then the cycle continues in Google’s program algorithm.
To get a top hand at this game of high ratings and downloads, companies who can provide them with an application with a smooth user interface, small download size, interactive features, etc. Thus Android App Developers should have knowledge and experience with good application developing tools and software. Below is a small list that can help you get started:
Android Studio
This software was developed by Google in 2013. It is, therefore, a must for Android App Developers to know how to use this software. This tool is created by Google to provide great support for developing applications as it is an in-house software. It also has a large developer base. The software has built-in support for Google’s Cloud Platform which enables Firebase Cloud Messaging (earlier known as Google Cloud Messaging) integration.
When Android Studio was not in existence, Android App Developers worked on Eclipse to power their applications. Though Google currently does not support this software, developers still use it to build Android apps. It comes in handy while developing cross-platform applications as it supports various programming languages.
This is a paid SaaS (Software as a Service) tool. If you are looking to seriously build upon and grow in the field, and want to be a hired Android App Developer, this software is a real help to get you one step ahead. The software provides you with all the metrics you require while building, and using your application like the size, bandwidth, etc.
As the name suggests, this software helps you to report bugs, monitor app performance, provide in-app chats, and much more. Big companies like BuzzFeed, Lyft, and PayPal use it in their development process. Some features of this software include enabling users to send screenshots, videos, and voice notes along with their bug reports.
This software is a good one to have. They call it “Android as a Service”. Much so to its name, the software assists Android App Developers to test their application in different scenarios. The software simulates user context, and actions to provide you with reliable feedback for your application. Another feature is that the software lets you customize the screen size and resolution of your test device so that you can do virtual testing for any smartphone available in the market.
Things do not end here for Android App Developers. It is a default requirement for developers to keep updating themselves with the new offerings in the technological market. Companies specifically hire talents that have an updated resume. If you are an Android App Developer looking to use your current skills to upgrade your resume, join Eiliana for providing your freelancing expertise with the companies we tie up with.

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