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Grace L Pangea Contract Offer

Areas of Responsibility

Pangean Success (70% of time working)

Developing strategies that help Pangeans get onboarded into new active contracts (creating coda resources, talking with newly hired Pangeans to provide guidance over email, slack and Zoom)
Checking in with hired Pangeans throughout their engagement to ensure they are meeting clients expectations
Encouraging our highest potential Pangeans to apply to open roles on Pangea
Encouraging our highest potential Pangeans to be active and engaged member of the community
Developing strategy and context that helps Pangeans understand how to set up attractive profiles, and apply to relevant roles

Pangean Growth (30% of time working)

Develop and execute upon strategies that help Pangea identify and attract high potential freelancers
Aid in managing Pangea Growth Marketing internship
Aid in managing Emerging Talent program
Develop and manage an organic social media strategy cross all platforms
our social media platforms are a tool to drive new student sign ups to and develop educational resources around freelancing that helps our platform become more reputable and be seen as a thought leader in the space

Expected Time Commitment & Compensation

20 hours per week broken up over 4 hours per day (M-F)
$2,000/mo Stipend ($1,000 paid bi weekly)
Flexible 6 mo contract
Remote friendly 🌴
Ideal start date March 21st

Team Meetings

Monthly Team All Hands - 30 minutes at 4:00 pm EST on the first Monday of the month
Monday Morning Stand up - 15 minutes at 9:00 am EST every week
Weekly MKT stand up - 30 min TBD
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