Kundali matching by date of birth

is an astrological technique used to determine the suitability of marriage between two individuals. The method has roots in Hindu astrology and it is done by comparing the nakshatra (natal birth star) of a prospective groom with that of a prospective bride, both as seen from their respective birth charts. The goal is to identify matches between planets in one person’s chart and planets in the other person’s chart. This is done to see if both planets are on the same side of the zodiac or if they are moving in close proximity and also what sort of house placements they have.
As far as dating goes, it is fascinating as it allows one to better understand the other person's character and personality, as well as their thoughts and actions. In turn, it helps predict how compatible a couple might be.
Kundali matching is often practiced in India, especially in Hindu and Sikh communities, as a means to be sure that the bride and groom are well suited for each other. In India, it is common for people to consult astrologists when planning for their marriage.
In modern times, the preference for and practice of kundali matching has spread to Western countries such as Europe, Australia, and the United States. Many websites now offer free Kundli matching services online.
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