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Framework #3: An Offer Fans Can't Help But Click On

There is often so much fluff associated with releasing and marketing music so I wanted to create a guide that narrowed down everything I know in as simple terms as possible.
These are the 4 steps that I’ve used on all of my music launches that have helped me to generate over 10,000 purchases in total on my packs.

1) Pre-Prelaunch:

The 1st step in the Pre-Prelaunch phase is to build-up anticipation for your release using content without giving a specific date yet or saying exactly what it is.
The goal of this is to get those in your audience who are interested to raise their hands. You want to put out test pieces to find what resonates most with your audience.
This is the biggest mistake I see in releases happens in this phase and one that can be easily avoided: We launch music without ever testing out the ideas with our fanbase first.
Instead of just releasing the music, take time before the release to figure out the right messaging to put in front of your audience.
An example of this is that Tim Ferris tested out many different titles in his blogs and in ads before he decided on “The 4 Hour Work Week”.
Find 3 different angles to present your music project and create 3 posts for each angle. For example if I made a Lofi project the 3 messages I might test are:
Hard day at work? Listen to this to chill out
This track is perfect to listen to while hanging out with friends relaxing
An album to help you focus while studying
The purpose of these "test" posts is to be able to figure out what messaging connects with your following the most. Then you can use that messaging during your actual release to entice your fans and start letting the anticipation mount up.
You want to create the music for yourself, then package it in a way that is enjoyable and relevant for the audience to use.

2) Pre-Launch:

Now that you have built up enough momentum for your music launch, and you know what messaging resonates with your audience, it's time to start your rollout.
The Pre-Launch step is roughly 5-7 days and you want to tell your audience:
The specific release date
Why they should care (your message)
What they should expect from the release (your offer - more on this in step 3)
In this stage you should also tell the backstory on why you wanted to make the project.
Give your audience the "behind the scenes" information on all the trials and tribulations you went through to create the music. This will allow people to connect with you and give them a peak at your process.
Another helpful tool you can setup is a landing page to collect emails from your audience in exchange for a free preview, content, or pre-save link.
Here are a few free email services you can use to start:
During those 5 - 7 days before your launch you want to start sending out emails to continue to mount pressure for your release.

3) Launch Day:

The day has come for you to release. So what do you do to make sure all that noise you build up in the Pre-Launch doesn’t go to waste? Make them an irresistible offer.
What you can include in an offer:
Core Product
Scarcity (Quantity based)
Urgency (Time based)
You don’t need to have all of these but try to mix and match a few that are fitting for what you are releasing.
The next step is to create a landing page for your product that shows your offer. Before sending any live traffic to the page, go through it yourself to check all the automations and page buttons work.
Once you have an offer and your product page ready its time to start to send traffic to it.
Make 3 - 5 pieces of content that you can post over the next week on your social media platform of choice to promote your project. Also send 3 - 5 emails out over the course of the week leading fans to your page.
Space them out appropriately to not fatigue your audience. Also keep in mind best practices for content creation and email sending too.

4) Post Launch Processing:

Once you have launched to your organic audience that may feel like the end of your promotion, but really it is just the start.
In an interview with Tyler The Creator, he said he had released his album 2 years ago and was still promoting it at the time.
While the launch is where you make the most noise, the longevity is where you make most of your fans.
A few post styles for your social media that you can use to show the value of what you created even after release are:
User Generated Content using your product or listening to your project
Reviews & References
Live Shots or Case Studies
These forms of content are evergreen because the more you post them, the more people will see your project. The more people will see your project, the more people will become fans. And the fans will create more content for you in the forms mentioned above and the flywheel of proof continues.
One last way you can generate traffic Post Launch is to use the profits you made from your organic audience to fund ads that direct people to your music project.
The goal here is to again create a flywheel cycle where you use the profits to run ads, the ads create more fans, then next time you launch you will have a bigger audience and make more profits which you can then spend on more ads, etc.
The overall system here is to create a feedback marketing method that will work for you even when you aren’t there to promote it yourself.


So that is the 4 step system that has generated me over 10,000 purchases of my drum and sample packs over the past 2 years.
Create a Pre-Prelaunch to build up anticipation and test messages.
Start your Prelaunch to bridge the momentum into your launch day.
On your Launch day create an irresistible offer and promote it uses emails and content.
Finally, use the Post Launch process to evergreen your music project for longevity.
Hopefully this helped. I plan on putting together a more in depth guide on music launches breaking down each step along with the content + emails to go along with them.
I want to include checklists, templates, and more tips related to each step to help you with your next release. If that is something you are interested in, shot a message back!

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