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Lee Jun Sheng

Started my journey from university settings, but quickly i realized my passion on tech field, so here i am !


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ChatEZ Web App

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Javascript, Axios, Redux, Firebase
ChatEZ is an intuitive web application designed for seamless and real-time communication. Empowered by modern technologies such as ReactJS, ExpressJS, and PostgreSQL, it fosters smooth interactions through a user-friendly interface. ChatEZ enables users to connect effortlessly while ensuring a delightful chat experience.


Sigma School

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp (Sep 2023 - Dec 2023)
Created over 30 projects in the span of 3 months
Worked with a developer to create capstone project about Chat System App


Prop Firm Trader

Forex Trader (2020 - 2023)
Funded by large prop firms (FTMO, MyForexFunds)


Contact - 0122008767
Email -

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