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Secret Police

The players take on the roles of Agents of the Crown. A secret organization that deals with all matters that require a discretion and finesse. I.e.: If there are smugglers in a port city peddling dangerous magical artifacts to wealthy aristocrats - the secret police makes sure that they’re caught and any possible scandal is kept out of public view. If a Governor’s mistress is suspected of working with a hostile state, they investigate and make sure appropriate actions are taken.
The Agents work from the shadow, meaning in they everyday lives they are merchants, priests, aristocrats, scholars, etc.
Some of the front personas are real, some are an elaborate rose supported by the Crown, and some are temporary personalities changed like gloves by skilled agents. In any way, the agents do not work directly and they have to rely on their persona’s connections and their wit to get to the bottom of each case.
Secret Police’s recruiters are always on the lookout for intelligent and skilled individuals. Some are offered the job as acknowledgment of their unweaving loyalty to The Crown, however more often than not they are simply coerced into working for the Secret Police using different means. A Noble deep in depts might get a lifeline from the Royal Bank in return for his cooperation. A young Witchcraft practitioners protegee might be offered her parents’ life and freedom in exchange for her services. An expert thief works her picklocks in exchange for medicine and treatment for her sick sister. A loyal agent is a great asset, but having a way to control their loyalty is considered as good if not better. No matter the motivation, the job is often offered to those individuals that love the excitement or those that can find their life’s mission aligned with the job.
The Secret Police provides it’s agents with some resources. Aside from a substantial salary they can count on many services like - a master forger able to provide any document, a weapon smith skillful in concealed weapons, an alchemist specializing in poisons, a researcher librarian, etc. The level of those services depends on experience and prowess of the agent. While rookies probably won’t get a concealed poisoned crossbow right away, a group of hardened field agents will have their pick of equipment. Most of those services take time and are located in the capitol, so the agents should consider stacking up before the mission if possible.
The Secret Police also employs a vast network of informants and collaborators. Both within and outside the Empire. They have very discreet coach drivers on payroll as well as inn keepers in most large cities in the empire, and in some foreign capitols. Most collaborators will not talk to the agents openly unless ordered to do so by their direct contact. However they might provide some hard to find information, contacts and services in a casual manner. The agents should avoid any action that would jeopardize a collaborator.

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