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Karl Kranawetleitner

Senior Consultant
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Personal Information

Location: Munich Metropolitan Area, Germany
Nationality: German
Geographical mobility: Worldwide
Myers–Briggs : ESTJ-A

Training & Certification

2020 LeSS Basic (Large Scale Scrum) Bas Vodde
2015 Leadership Training Management Circle
2012 Certified 1st / 2nd Party ISO/TS 16949 Auditor TÜV SÜD Academy
2012 Process Auditor VDA 6.3 – Upgrade 2010 German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
2008 Process Auditor VDA 6.3 German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
2008 ISO/TS 16949 TQM Training & Consulting GmbH


German (first language)
English (fluent, presentations and negotiations level)
French (intermediate skills)
Mandarin (basic skills)
Spanish (basic skills)

International Experience

China (4 yrs.), Great Britain (2 yrs.), Czech Republic (2 yrs.), Hungary (2 yrs.), Slovenia (2 yrs.), Mexico (1 yr.), USA (1 yr.), Japan, Austria, Brazil, France, Poland, Canada, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy, Tunisia

Areas of Expertise


General Management

Purpose-Driven Leadership: Inspiring and aligning teams around a shared purpose and mission; Communicating the organization's values and fostering a sense of meaning in work
Employee Engagement and Development: Nurturing a culture of continuous learning and personal growth; Encouraging autonomy and creativity to foster individual and team engagement
Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Embedding ethical principles into decision-making processes; Promoting environmentally sustainable practices and social responsibility; Balancing profit-driven goals with a broader impact on society and the environment
Agile and Adaptive Management: Embracing agile methodologies and iterative approaches to work; Adapting quickly to changing market dynamics and customer needs; Emphasizing flexibility and resilience in the face of uncertainty
Collaborative and Transparent Communication: Fostering open and transparent communication channels within the organization; Sharing information about organizational decisions, strategies, and performance; Creating opportunities for cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing
Impact Measurement and Reporting: Defining meaningful metrics to assess the organization's impact and progress towards its purpose; Regularly reporting on progress and using data to drive decision-making
Innovation and Disruption: Fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging creative thinking; Embracing technological advancements and leveraging them for organizational growth; Identifying opportunities for disruption and exploring new business models; Encouraging experimentation and embracing a growth mindset to drive innovation.

New Product Introduction

Facilitating Design Thinking Workshops and Ideation Sessions
Experience in both Traditional Project Management and Agile Methodologies, including Large Scale Scrum
Applying DfX Principles (Design for Manufacturing, Testing, Cost) to optimize product development processes
Proficient in Crisis Management, Ramp-up Initiatives, and Task Force Programs
Providing Troubleshooting Support and Coaching to teams and individuals
Driving Process Engineering and Continuous Improvement in Electronics, Mechatronics, and Mechanics Manufacturing
Extensive expertise in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB-A), Testing, Device Manufacturing, and System Integration
In-depth knowledge of (aluminum) Die Casting, Forging, Heat Treatment, Milling, and Turning Operations
Familiarity with LCD, OLED, and EPD Production, as well as Technology Stack Assembly (Blacklight, LCD, CTP/RTP, Cover Lens, AR/AG/AF)
Understanding of Semiconductor Production (Frontend/Backend) processes
Proficiency in Plastic Molding and Extrusion techniques
Capacity and Quality Planning to optimize resource allocation and ensure product quality

Supply Chain Management

Analyzing, Defining, and Executing Procurement Strategies to enhance quality, reduce costs, and streamline Supply Chains on a global scale
Conducting Global Supplier Scouting, Qualification, Management, and Development initiatives
Implementing Early Supplier Involvement Strategies to foster collaboration and drive innovation
Designing Supply Chain frameworks and formulating Make/Buy Strategies for optimal efficiency
Identifying and implementing improvements to Supply Chain and Procurement Processes to enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness

Quality Management

Applying Effective Problem-Solving methodologies such as Lessons Learned, 5Why, and 6M in High-Tech Environments
Conducting Audits, including VDA 6.3, and implementing Layered Process Audits (LPA) to ensure adherence to quality standards
Performing Rapid Plant Assessments (Harvard) to evaluate and improve operational performance
Facilitating and moderating FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) sessions to proactively address potential risks
Conducting ESD/EOS Audits and leading planning and implementation efforts to mitigate electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress
Utilizing Core Tools for Quality Management, including Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Machine and Process Capabilities, Measurement System Analysis (MSA, Gage R&R), Control Plans, and 8D problem-solving methodology


Implementing and maintaining robust security measures for systems and infrastructure
Conducting security assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate solutions
Designing and implementing secure network architectures and infrastructure configurations
Developing and enforcing security policies and procedures to ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices
Monitoring and analyzing system logs and security event data to identify and respond to potential security threats
Collaborating with cross-functional teams to design and implement secure cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure, Google Workplace, and other modern tools
Assisting in the planning and execution of system and application rollouts, including Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, and other relevant technologies
Configuring and managing virtualization technologies to optimize system performance and ensure scalability
Conducting risk assessments and developing disaster recovery plans to mitigate the impact of potential system failures or security breaches
Providing technical guidance and support to stakeholders and end-users on security-related matters and best practices
Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in IT security, cloud computing, and system architecture to ensure the implementation of cutting-edge solutions


Source Code Management: Setting up and managing Git repositories on GitHub or GitLab
Continuous Integration (CI): Configuring CI pipelines using tools like GitHub Actions or GitLab CI/CD
Continuous Deployment (CD): Setting up deployment pipelines for different environments (development, staging, production)
Collaboration and Communication: Leveraging project management tools like Jira or Trello for tracking tasks and issues, conducting regular stand-up meetings, sprint planning, and retrospective sessions, encouraging knowledge sharing and documentation within the team
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Work Experience and Major Projects

08/2018 – 05/2019

Director Operations ad interim

Client: IST Metz Group / eta plus electronics GmbH, Nuertingen, Germany
Project Locations: Germany, China, Austria, Serbia, Tunisia
§ Lead Quality & Quantity TaskForce for Power Electronics (up to 100kW per System)
§ Direct Reports: Department Heads of Supply Chain Management, Quality, Production and Service Center, Equipment, Maintenance & Infrastructure and Information Technology & Processes
§ Staffed Head of Information Technology & Processes and drove Digital Change Culture / Business Process Optimization
§ Implemented Supply Chain Cost Down activities (35 % avg.) and restructured ODM landscape as well PCB and Inductive Component Material Groups
§ Improved Productivity of In-house Assembly Production Unit (20 % avg)
12/2016 – 01/2017

Engineering Change Management: ASIC

Client: Melexis N.V.
Locations: Belgium, Germany
Crisis-Moderation between Tier 2, Tier 1 (Kostal) and OEM (Audi)
09/2016 – 12/2016
Head of Quantity Task Force: Microcontroller
Client: Continental AG
Project Locations: Tokyo / Mito / Kumamoto, JP
§ Reporting to the CEO (Dr. Degenhart) and Director Procurement
§ Root-Cause Analysis on Microcontroller supply shortages for two Wafer Fabs, whereas one Wafer Fab has been affected by earthquakes on Kyushu Island in April and August 2016
§ Project and team lead (3 HC Supplier Quality, 2 HC Supply Chain / Business Analyst)
§ Analysis of demand planning, production planning & scheduling as well as implementation of extensive measures to increase the process performance, reduction of the lead time and planning accuracy
§ Successfully initiated measures to significantly increase the OEE for FEOL / BEOL Tool Groups and hence the wafer output
10/2015 – 08/2016
Head of Task Force: Electronic Vacuum Regulating Valve (EVRV)
Client: Woco STV s.r.o
Project Location: Vsetin, CZ
§ Assuring Engine and Car SoP (EA825/EA839)
§ Project Management and Key Customer Contact (Audi, Porsche)
§ De-Escalation, establishing a preventive project execution
§ In-depth analysis of defects utilizing state-of-the art laboratories and scientific methods
§ Several Process Audits of all Manufacturing Processes (over 50 steps)
§ Definition of actions to increase manufacturing yield and assure product quality
§ Team Lead (25 team members in Germany and Czech Republic)
§ Process Audits at Suppliers (> 20), Supplier Development
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