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Deployment of hansan_v4

This letter is exclusively for our StraBerry users. We kindly request that you do not circulate it.

Hello StraBerry users 👋
You may have read in our latest investment letter that we’ve been experimenting with a newer version of Yi Sun-Sin, code-named hansan_v4, for some time now. We say “newer,” because while the very core logic of Yi Sun-Sin remains unchanged, we’ve made some important modifications to its trading universe and risk management mechanisms. The experimentation has been fruitful, as hansan_v4 has shown statistically and substantially better results compared to the original logic of Yi Sun-SIn.
Today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be migrating from the original Yi Sun-Sin to hansan_v4, effective 4 August 4, 23:00 KST.

Hansan_v4 introduces the following additional logics to the original version:
Improved timing for buying/selling cryptocurrencies.
Enhanced stability in calculating the historical performance of each cryptocurrency.
Exclusion of cryptocurrencies exhibiting excessive volatility around the trading day or significant price differences when compared to other major exchanges such as Binance.

Comparison of Yi Sun-Sin Original vs. Hansan_v4

For more detail explanations about hansan_v4, please refer to our latest investment letter.
As we initiate the migration process, we will closely monitor for any unexpected issues or unforeseen circumstances to ensure a smooth transition.
Thanks always for being here with us!

Best regards,
Juho Lee, CTO of SQRT

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